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  1. AOEII Age of Kings?or some other expansion xD I don't even know
  2. spec is max but the cpu overheats and burns and burns your whole pc. I wish I can play BF on the tablet.
  3. wish granted but it sucks. oh wait, it already sucks, so that can't be a corruption. wish granted but it disintegrates your own units. I wish that this forum would become more active.
  4. is not creative at all, just.like.the rest...
  5. May I ask what the nerf was?
  6. Why not post your ideas here: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1741-why-the-hell-not-brannoc/
  7. Possible technically? Or possible practically? At first I thought all melee units counter something, but thats not the case at all( burrowers, bandit stalkers, grinders) so it would definitely be possible to make him counter nothing. It would still be a pretty strong unit, and I don't think XL counter was what made him broken...
  8. grigori is a L-Counter, Deepcoil doesnt counter anything. Abyssal are situational. Brannon is just an all-round good card. Too good. And XL counters in T3 come in really handy... The ability doesn't hurt either...
  9. has a partial archive of the old official BF forums
  10. Yes they did that here: https://forum.ragezone.com/f856/battleforge-reborn-reborn-coming-1066718/ I don't know how practical that is in regards to map though, but it would be an interesting idea.
  11. Lets talk about these today. I have personally never seen this card being used, so I'm very interested in hearing what you all have to say! At first glance, it seems like this card is pretty strong as it temporarily allows you to summon units undazed, simulating the effect of summoning at the power well. As a result of that, your units will immediately be as strong as the ones your opponents summon. The cost isn't too much for a supportive spell. Added to that the fact that it gives a bonus damage it gives using the infused affinity or life steal using the shadow affinity, I'm surprised this
  12. @SunWu II. You do know you are supposed to start with saying something about the card right?
  13. @SilenceKiller99 I used to use Wrecker a lot in PvP deck, but he is melee, and too slow, so you just get kited down really easily. If you have sunderers, I guess you could make him work in your deck with rallying cry + sunderer, which is what I used to do, other than that, there are just too many range M- Counter in T1 that are better than Wrecker and will wreck your wrecker before he does any damage (pun intended). @HaudraufTypi Strikers wasn't particularly good for PvP due to the high power cost...
  14. Thought that the subject of his statement claimed that he was innocent, when in fact he did not.
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