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  1. @thesikaleon Report feature is up and running from our side. The error might be a wrong visual confirmation. I’ll pass it on to Kubik. @Kubik
  2. Haven’t played pvp since then,prolly can get few matches tmr I’ll keep an eye out.
  3. NAME: 1-Disconnect when starting Ranked PvP Match SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Loading Screen REPRODUCIBILITY: 30-40% seems random DESCRIPTION: After loading into a ranked PvP Match, you would disconnect after loading screen, game would crash and bring you back to desktop(.exe closes) crashdata.mdmp log.txt log_gd.txt SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Watching DasToggy Stream, it seems like when we queue at the same time, we both matched against the same person. Ultrakool(thereafter person A), thelight288(Thereafter person B ) and DasToggy(thereafter person C) gets matched with each other. A got matched with B in match 1 B matched with C in match 2 A disconnected, (assumed that B didnt?) in match 1 B disconnected (C didnt, I saw it on stream) in match 2.
  4. Northland Drake is also a t3 pure frost card right? You generally don’t wanna play t3 units when you have t4 and so on. And northland doesn’t teally provide any additional utility to make summoning it worthwhile
  5. Hi. Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, there may be some who don’t find your thread as it’s in off topic! Moving to PvE section
  6. Wish granted but they are Zimbabwean dollars. I wish for santa to be real.
  7. Kubik (server dev) when asked about 12 player maps availability on discord: “(No) 12p maps any time soon with current client it’s technically impossible right now to “just” implement it”
  8. Do you perhaps have a replay? It's impossible and highly likely you just missed something but in the event it actually happened we would like any information regarding this.
  9. Regarding chests again I noticed if there are some walls nearby you need to destroy all of them first? Or is it regarding the combat timer like Darian said
  10. Please follow the bug report template
  11. Aww that’s so sweet, welcome back
  12. In my opinion, there is a big difference between toxic and being “unfriendly” Being toxic is indirectly infringing upon many forum rules, depending on the level of toxicity, while being unfriendly generally does not. varying degrees of toxicity warrants different penalties on a case by case basis but it is indeed an offense
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