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  1. Stream some ladder at 9 pm CET today.  - Click! -

  2. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    Hey, For those who don't know me, I am Taker, a 23 year old pure fire player from Germany. I played battleforge since the Renegade beta (with several breaks), where I was in the top 10 for several years. At the moment I am playing at about 128k ELO (Grandmaster) and still playing pure fire. I decided to stream some of my ladder sessions. Probably it will only be possible at weekends, because otherwise there won't be enough people playing ranked PvP and even less around my ELO. On stream I simply play either ranked or sparring. I will commentate the games while playing, at least I try so. - The Stream - I try to comment here whenever the stream is online. Let me know what u think about it.
  3. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    Stream is over. Here is the video:
  4. Taker

    Battleforge streamers

    My Stream! Only PvP regarding content: - Live Ladder Sessions with english commentary - Educational Replay analysis of viewer replays aswell as replays of my matches
  5. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    I rly missed to save it, but it was only 1 hour. I will save all upcoming streams, sorry.
  6. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    I am going to do a little test stream starting between 3 and 4 p.m. CET. - Get to the stream -
  7. So you should unsign your team from the tournament, so the bracket becomes acurate.
  8. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    In english of course.
  9. Challonge.com has a "check-in" option. I think it could be good to do the next tournament with Check-In so there wont be any waiting for players who signed up ages ago but had no time in the end. For example on this past tournament i signed up, but haven't checked in, so im not in the grid. This should make the tournament even smother and there would be less waiting times for missing players.
  10. Taker

    Battleforge PvP with RadicalX

    Hey, idk if you are still searching but once I played a deck copied by "NettesZebra" (maybe some of u know him) and it was huge fun to play. Nearly all of its cards were tower or buildings .. starting T1 only with masterarchers and spamming idk what the name was but the building which could give shields to other builidngs while they are getting built, together with the building which builds tower etc. faster (Sry I just forgot all the names^^) and that T1 turret. At T2 i got defenders as the only unit and i went fire T2 there i spammed canon towers obviously. At T3 I went fire too to spam fire tower together with this kobold who repairs buildings. Maybe you can find some cards to combine, cause idk every single card i played there. It wasnt the best deck but it wasnt that bad too. Just a huge amount of fun to play (:
  11. Taker

    Open Stress Test Information

    recolors i guess would make no sense cause some cards are already recolored versions of old cards like Deep One and Sunderer for example (:
  12. Taker

    Diablo 2

    Hey, I am looking for someone who wants to play d2 again. I played it a long time ago and i want to start some new charakters to level up. As long as playing solo is kinda boring, I am looking for someone who has also played or is still playing this game. I got lots of knowledge,a bit rusty maybe, but im not a noob ^^ I would prefer Germans but if you can speak english its np aswell. If you are interested feel free to comment or pm me (:
  13. Taker

    Best Players

    idk but i guess most of you guys joined the game too late to realise the real legends like feagul, avire, Sloron1 etc. If these guys would have kept up playing hiroo, obesity, me... hadn´t ever get into the top 20. They played the game on a super high level where we didnt know as much about pvp as we know now. Keep that in mind.
  14. Taker

    Opening Tournament

    If anyone wanna join 2v2 together with me as premades, just message me ^^
  15. Taker

    LF 2vs2 Mate

    Im also interested (: Im not very experienced in 2vs2 but i guess it would be fun to play some games together (:
  16. Taker

    PvP Player

    Hadn´t noticed you as one of the top players... I didnt played much against you but wasnt it you who abused lost souls as hard as possible? I dont want to flame but you blame MrNguyen for rly no reason just because you want to praise yourself... Thought this times were gone and we could start new, without senseless flame :/
  17. Taker

    Razor Shard Bug

    Hey, well it isn´t rly important now but maybe the bug with razor shard can be fixed... i dont rly know how much work that would be but maybe in the future ,when the major things are done, this shot bug can be fixed.
  18. Taker

    Razor Shard Bug

    well as i wrote after the major things are done maybe that could be fixed
  19. Taker

    Razor Shard Bug

    yea the knock back delay ... ^^
  20. Taker

    Uncommon PvP Tactics

    On my smurf in played Lost souls with Lost wanderer, Lost Priest etc. it was pretty much fun Farrock also castet one or two replays of my smurf. Here is the link if u are interested :
  21. Taker

    Map Veto PVP

    Hey, What do you guys think about Map Vetos for PVP? I mean like they are in SC2 for example. You can Veto maybe up to 3 maps you dont want to play in ladder. For example Wazai (dont know if i spelled right) could be vetoed cause its fire favoured (you can cliffdancer over nearly every cliff). So there would be a more balanced match up if you chose the vetos right. On tournaments I think there should be an extra map voting but for ladder i guess this would help against cliff abusing or something like that. What do you guys think about that?
  22. Taker

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    Hey, I offer: - help in deck building (any deck) - advanced help in general PVP (any deck) (you should know the basics... I help grandmaster + ) (Im not only pure fire ;P I was top 10 with nearly any deck) - Pure Fire advanced tipps and tricks ( Legend + ) Languages: ENG / GER
  23. Taker

    What deck did you play?

    I was pure fire (:
  24. Taker

    Opening Tournament

    I´m ready to destroy some players again Sign me in for 1vs1 please
  25. Taker

    Say something about the person above you.

    Has Probably the most posts (:

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