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  1. Well, again too early to talk about such things. However, it's a nice idea. It will surely give us more motivation.
  2. Tell him to join us on the forum if he didn't already!
  3. That's great, I like this idea. Will be better than the older BF, which will be balanced.
  4. You won't be getting them from those 1 BFP booster. It will be balanced.
  5. Could you explain to me, what kind of balance?
  6. Thanks. Shouldn't we have attachment system to stop download links?
  7. Not only that, considering has it own EULA and copyrighted, unfortunately modifying content is not possible, not because the devs are not able to, but it'll get the project down. The developers must take the permission to modify any client-related code/w.e from EA first.
  8. And hopefully that will enhance the dev's abilities to work on the game!
  9. The only thing I find that should or must be balanced or in other words, nerfed is the spell Revenge. It's broken, causing PvP to be way OP and unbeatable.
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