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  1. I like the color red, so I let it bleed

    1. Sykole


      I am not really into pink, especially darker variants of it. I'd only like light pink when used and combined with other colors.

    2. Lord NullPointer

      Lord NullPointer


    3. Sykole


      Gotta satisfy their needs xd

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  2. No women without cry No women without.. PG+69 No men without .. PG+69
  3. I'm Poppy

    1. Eddio


      No you are Patrick.

    2. Sykole


      No, I'm Poppy.

      And yeah anonyme, may it have a long life as a living meme.

    3. anonyme0273


      Before it appears on the Ellen whatever-show aka meme killer

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  4. I meant as a redirect for skylords, will bfreborn be removed as a whole (Not redirecting to skylords either), or will serve as a redirection until it is due for payment?
  5. first on the thread first on the video duh I am so good, don't you think so Just one question, will the domain of bfreborn be changing anytime soon?
  6. I am pretty sure mine was pointless, hopeless, full of sadness, had nothing to do with the actual topic, was a troll and just a typical nonsense I'd post
  7. Hey what's up guys, it's scarces here

    1. EonBen
    2. Kiwi




      For some reason it reminded me of this :kappa:


    3. Sykole
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  8. Sykole

    My Project

    I literally got the program to handle RAM issues after hours and hours of work with no result. I feel so damn achieved right now. lol > Now instead of loading multiple files in the program's memory, and it stacking on it each other, now each file is properly disposed and clears not less than ~20k RAM usage, that's for a like 12mb file (blackops2), having it on larger scale would affect it even more. God bless He has been supporting me all the way
  9. Battleforge is a copyright domain which belongs to EA, by default they are supposed to defend the trademark, whether they agree to the private server or not, they have to since it infringements their copyright. Using the client however, I believe (don't quote me on that) falls under public use, and since no money is being earned by the developers of this project, EA shouldn't take the project down. Since the following applies; > Battleforge is considered a dead card for EA > No profit earned by the developers from EA's work Those are my two cents so the staff
  10. Skylords Reborn sounds more sexy, I like it
  11. Civ 6 has been released, so all the money in my pocket

    Rest in peace cash 

    1. Shotty


      This status update makes me think to DL civ 5 again


    2. Lukaznid


      @Kiwi Yeah I agree with you. I bought civ v and all of it's DLCs, but I don't really see myself buying civ vi at all. New graphics and slightly altered gameplay? I can just mod civ v a bit to achieve that. But that's just me 

    3. Kiwi


      @Lukaznid Yeah I totally agree with you.

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  12. 420 reputation blaze it :kappaross:

  13. Roses are red, Clowns are near. Hey what's up guys, It's scarce here.
  14. Give a northern Swedish a cookie and ask them a question you know they'd answer yes to :kappaross:

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    2. veryhasted


      I think we can arrange that @EonBen

    3. pontasu


      @EonBen Do you want me to die? :jorne:

      Here a video explaining it:


    4. Ultrakool


      That's some high level trolling @Sykole

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  15. Happy birthday. :)

    1. Dallarian


      Guardian of closed threads ♥

    2. Eternal


      Happy Day of birth time overlord !

    3. Darkness


      Happy Birthday DragonOfTime :ladadoos:

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  16. Sykole

    My Project

    I will re-code the program entirely, if you have any suggestions, or additions you would like to see, just let me know on this thread please, would mean the world to me! Edit; With what I have in mind, the update should reduce the code size by around 1000 lines, and would improve the performance by at least 60%, also a few edits for the GUI which should help minimize the overall consumed space and allow regular users to "explore" and understand the features provided better.
  17. I know this might be off-topic; but is the game good? I never found it interesting. The usage of graphics, physics.. all of that looked really weird to me.
  18. You are bomb sexy no matter what color your name has
  19. Sykole

    My Project

    Basically, this is a quick guide for normal users (Which I focused on more while creating the tool) and for advanced ones too. Each file we have on our computers uses "Libraries"; Those libraries indicate in a some way what does the file do. For example, we get hmm.. Chrome.exe which is a browser and connects to the internet; When they have made Chrome they added a known library which in general allows any file to connect to the internet. This allows my program to tell you that the file can access the internet. You wouldn't want to download an alarm which connects to the internet, so
  20. Sykole

    My Project

    The description of this forum is; "Where all the unrelated watermelons and other nonsense go" and I guess this is my watermelon So the past year, I have been working on a project, which was to me more than anything a personal assistance. As I have dealt with files ranging from 5 to 10 each day, It was common to find one or two being malicious but it required a few tools to get the job done (And yes, I used to work as a file analyzer). Anyways, I decided to create a tool which I can depend on and has all those features combined into one, and that is it. I have somewhat successfully got eve
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