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  1. 7 hours ago, Sacriefice said:

    Doesn't this miss the point of uniqueness of factions.

    Also like aforementioned, at T4 walls barely keep anything at bay and S sized units usually die from one attack and or get trampled. PvE gets easier with every card added so I don't really see the need.

    As long as they manage to make those units fit into their factions theme, I don't really see a problem here. And I'm fairly confident about it: Every faction has a T1-Archer, many have a T2-Archer and they are still unique.

    As for the PvE difficulty: That's not quite true, If you, for example, add a card that is not worth using, nothing changes (as far as I am concerned, that's the point where Twilight Slayers are right now). That's also why I think that comparing it to Razorleaf + Root Network is a fair thing to do - when people are building their deck for a map, that's what they'll do. If Twilight Slayers are just not worth using if you could use Razorleaf, than either Twilight Slayers are too weak or Razorleaf is too strong. Since I think Razorleaf is fine, my conclusion is that TS could use some buff.

    In general I think the game is at a pretty solid point with regards to new cards right now: While there are over- and underpowered cards, there is also a fairly large middle ground and if a new card fits into that middle ground, balance does not change much by adding it. Which is a good thing, more middle-of-the-road card enhance deck variability. For example Banzai Lord and Wasteland Terror made new and interesting Badit decks possible, but I havent noticed PvE getting easier due to these decks. That's the spot I'd like TS to be in, too. But right now, they are a bit overshadowed by other defensive cards.

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  2. On 10/5/2022 at 3:29 AM, WindHunter said:

    There are plans to eventually release T3/T4 archers for each faction. Issues with Twilight Slayer's orb restriction should be taken in light of this consideration. 

    Well, I'd phrase it the other way around: The design of future T3/T4 Archers should take into consideration all the problems Twilight Slayers have.

    My suggestion is to make them immune to being knocked off a wall and give them a bit more range. Or maybe a passive ability to slowly repair the wall they're on while not in combat, which would make them attractive because they'd take a tedious micromanaging task away ... but, on the other hand, that sounds more apropriate for a frost or nature T3 archer ...

  3. If (and thats a big if) this one card is absolutely neccessary for rpve 10, then rpve 10 needs to be rebalanced. That applies even if SoW remains unchanged, because such a design is just a fail.

    Btw no I'm not "wrong but right", simply because I never made a claim about rpve 10 that I could even be wrong about.


  4. I don't even see how this is relevant to the discussion? If a map is impossible to beat without one specific card, then thats a problem with the map. A card being mandatory would be a proof that it's op, because it explicitly shows that no other card has comparable power. So even if you're right you'd just proven yourself wrong about SoW.


  5. 10 hours ago, Kapo said:

    I guess the smartest thing to do would be to

    a) Bring it in line with the other shrines in regard of orb requirement (FFX)
    b) Slightly reduce the return to bring it closer to the other shrines

    Even under those conditions it can still be the strongest of the shrines but not THAT far off anymore.

    Somehow I did not notice this comment before, so my response is a bit late. Whatever ...

    Just slightly reducing the return (without further changes to the buff) would not bring it in line with the others. Goind with the 15% refund per kill, you can still get 100% refund every 30s.

    Take a look at what would happen if all my suggestions were implemented and only one player with SoW is on the map (basically the worst case for SoW). Everyone still gets a 100% return of void power every 60s for the cost of 150 energy (you'd need 28 kills for that, which is doable in 30s, especially in a 4 player map - just 7 kills per player). Shrine of Memory gives one player 84% return in 60s for 200 energy. Shrine of Greed gives everyone 75% over 60s for 200 energy. (For comparison: Without any of these, you'll get back 45% of void power over 60s.) SoW would still give the most void power for the least energy cost of these 3 shrines, for every player on the map.

    Shrine of Martyrs could yield more, but also restricts your playstyle more, so I'm okay with that - opportunity costs are significantly higher, so it should yield more.

  6. Finding seldom used cards is not that hard (for the developers), but I doubt that these are such a good starting point. Card usage is determined by a bunch of factors, the power of the card is just one of them. For example most cards requiring 4 orbs of the same color will not be used as much as a card requiring only one orb of a specific color, because it can't be splashed (examples: Forest Elder or Dreadnought). Expensive cards might be used less, because many players don't have them, despite of their (often) obvious power. Mediocre cards that are dirt cheap and flexible, on the other hand, are used a lot (Giant Wyrm, for example), despite not being on top of the foodchain. It's like in real live: Popularity is a very poor measure for quality. You have to look at the dirty details, there's no way around it.


    The extreme cases might be worth investigating, though. If a card is almost always used if possible, it might be too good. If a card is seldom used even if possible, it might be too bad. But you definitely have to normalize with regard to orb requirements. And all that does not answer the simple question if the orb requirements are sensible in the first place.

  7. The original game lasted for only 4 years, all the time in between then and now is meaningless. Btw. there was a SoW discussion back then but, as you might remember, there were a bunch of balancing issues that the original devs did not care about for ages. Wheel of Gift stacking, for example. Past ignorance is no excuse for current ignorance.

    Btw. yes, void power management was developed as a feature - not complete void power negation. That's why none of the other void power management tools is nearly as powerful as SoW.


  8. 6 hours ago, Cocofang said:

    Martyr is quite good and not nearly as overtuned as SoW. It is much more interactive and the void return is sufficient. Nerfs to overpowered cards and buffs to underpowered ones can happen simultaneously. Nerfs are necessary because if you just take the current top performers as benchmarks for everything else to be elevated to you end up with massive powercreep. People are so used to the totally busted, imbalanced cards that they don't even realize anymore how ridiculous a 20% void return is for every single enemy unit that dies that you can have up permanently. The expectation of power is totally out of whack.

    At the same time, you won't get people to deviate from the current top just by making the alternatives stronger. You also have to actively give them an slight nudge to get out from their stale comfort zone. How can someone even argue with a straight face that an extremely flexible card that almost completely negates the entire mechanic of void energy is totally fine?

    Yep, you're absolutely right. With 2 SoW in a game, the void power mechanic might as well not exist at all. The same applies if other void power shrines get buffed to the level of SoW. Void power was meant to impose a delay on power reusage, that is obviously not working if you can get your void power back nearly instantaneous.

    A simple comparison: Without any buffs, the void power regeneration is 1% per second, so to regenerate 99% of void power you need 459s. With Shrine of Memory constantly up it takes 152s. With SoW, it's 21 units killed. 5.25 kills per player on a 4 player map. How long does it take 4 players to kill 21 units on average, while on t3? Even if it took 30s it's still 5 times as powerful as Shrine of Memory. Even if you have only 1 SoW it totaly outperforms Shrine of Memory. It does not require the attention of Furnace + Cultist Master, it does not require specific cards/playstyles like Shrine of Martyrs, but also outperforms both and can be splashed easier. That's just insane. All that for a meager 300 energy, the cost of one (!) Great Wyrm.

    But, of course, there are always those people who think too much is not enough.

    Oh btw: Buffing the other void power refund options is not power creep, that's a power avalanche. It would be easier to just remove the whole void power mechanic, reduce spell cost by 90% and make units refund 90% of their power immediately upon death, because that's basically the same effect.

    8 minutes ago, Ponni said:

    Sure, figured that out too, still these shrines only share initial part of their name. Otherwise they are completely different to one another. Power cost, tiers, abilities, etc. Not sure why they would need to be in line with each other in this respect?

    Because they serve the same purpose: Void power management.

  9. Well, my thoughts on the matter:

    In it's current state, the game needs

    • more rpve content. Defensive mode, tower defense, pvpve ...
    • new game modes. I'd love to play a MOBA-map, for example.
    • more cards. Nature/Shadow or Frost/Fire - cards, for example. Those would add more options for deck-building and thus variety.
    • balance enhancements. If cards are bad, players will ignore them and they thus add very little to the game. If cards are too good, players use them as much as possible, leading to repetitive gameplay. Both is counter-productive for the long-time motivation of the playerbase.
    • bug fixes. There are not that many bugs, but some of them are quite annoying (dispelled buffs from wheel of gifts not getting reapplied after the dispell ends, for example).
    • events like frequent official tournaments, live-streams, all the stuff that gets new players excited.

    So, in short: We need a constant influx of both new content and enhancements to the meta-game, combined with quality enhancements for existing content and better promotion.

    This, of course, is a lot of work - but given the current dev team expansion, I'm confident some of this will eventually happen.

  10. 7 hours ago, Darkroy said:

    Also, actually I'd rather reduce the percentage and the duration of the effect instead of limiting to 1 use , so that one would need 3 shrines f. e. to use it all the time

    I don't think that this kind of micro-management is fun. Part of my reasons for suggesting the "once per player"-thing was actually that I'm a lazy ass who hopes balancing SoW goes hand in hand with getting rid of tedious, boring micromanagement.

    As for the "4 fire orbs" - suggestion: I don't think that's a good idea, because it vastly overshoots the mark. The goal is to balance SoW, not to totally exclude it from 99% of all decks. Pure fire-decks are a rare thing, so SoW would mostly get used with Enlightenment or Amii Monument, further increasing the power of these (already overpowered) cards. I could live with SoW becoming t4, though (2x fire + 2x whatever).

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  11. When playing RPvE in the last few months, I almost always saw someone using Shrine of War. When I build a deck with fire-cards at all, I include Shrine of War. The voidpower-refund it grants is just vastly superior to other means of voidpower management like Shrine of Memory. Voidpower is almost a non-issue when Shrine of War is active.

    I think that's a bit too good.

    My proposal is to

    • make Shrine of War need two fire-orbs
    • reduce it's voidpower-refund from 20% to 15% (u3)
    • allow only one Shrine of War to be build per player (so you need two players with SoW to have the effect up constantly)

    The reasoning behind these changes is to make SoW a bit more rare, so we don't see it on every single RPvE-map, and to make it harder to have the effect up constantly, so void power becomes an issue again. Additionally I hope this would make other means of voidpower management more viable.

  12. Yeah, but i don't always want to delete all my mail. Not even all my new mail. "Delete autogenerated mail" would be better - deletes all mails from achievements, daylies, auction house, but not other players mail. Your suggestion would make it very easy to delete some unopened mail from another player by accident.

    I don't think the 1 sec cooldown is an issue, I can't do anything else but wait during this time anyways ...


  13. This is a little compilation of some UI-Issues that always bugged me, together with suggestions on how to improve the UI.

    • Add tabs to the Chat. During prime time it can be hard to follow a discussion in Strategy, for example, because every second a new message is posted to trade or beginner. I could leave those, but i really don't want to. Different tabs for different channels would solve this.
    • Add a "Collect all" - button to the mailbox. After some shopping, trading and doing daylies, it's a chore to open all mails one-by-one to get my bf and cards. A new Button to collect attachments from all mails would be nice.
    • Give all towers and buildings range indicators. Most of the towers card descriptions don't mention their range and even if they do, I've no idea how much "50m" are in game. I'd like to see a range indicator when placing the tower. Same goes for some support buildings like Root Nexus.
    • Let us filter auctions by affinity. Especially useful for cards with huge price differences between affinities.
    • As far as I know there is no option to spawn multiple units in a row without re-selecting the unit card again and again. I'd like to see an option to do that, like holding down CTRL while the card is selected.
    • Make the Inventory resizeable. Back in the old days, when I was playing BattleForge on an 4:3 monitor, the Inventory size was just right. Nowadays it looks to small and cramped, with much unused space available. It would be awesome to have more then 2 cards per row and to extend the Inventory all the way down to the chat.

    9 hours ago, Gnougnou said:

    I'm not asking devs to remove the quests. We're asking to be able to earn BF on our intended gamestyle.

    Removing daily quests is the easiest way to accomplish that. So, if you're not, I'm asking: Please kill the frustrating, pointless daylies - I've never seen a single game that got better by including daylies and I hate them with a passion for exactly the reasons OP mentioned. Either I adapt my playstyle to the daylies, then I'm not having fun, or I don't, then I'm wasting BFP. Except the situations where a daily asks me to do what I'd do anyways. There is no good choice to be made here, just the lesser of two evils. In the best case the daylies are not having any influence on my games at all. To me, that looks like bad game design.

    Additionally, daylies can be harmful for completely unrelated players - I, for example, am not playing the campaign much (except for a few missions I happen to like), so I got very little experience and just suck. Whenever I attempt to do a multiplayer campaign map for a daily, someone is stuck with an inexperienced player that doesn't know what to do.

    Just increase the BFP pool for regular playtime accordingly. 

    If you absolutely want to have daylies, make them share the same BFP pool then the regular playtime - this way you could choose how to farm BFP, with daylies as an option to speed up the process, but not strictly neccessary.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Demiron said:

    Ok, I've gone off-rail. Let's stick to Battleforge, or on a larger scale, to the Internet. Chances are, you are young (before your 40s), you play games, you watch streams and movies, you play with people from other countries. Unless you're really young there is NO WAY in Hell that you don't encounter English on a daily basis. You just decide not to use it because it's more convenient to talk in your native language.

    At first it's a decision not to use english, but after a few years of doing so they just can't use english anymore, because language skills that are not used will be gone soon. Again, most of the applicants to our junior positions are in their 20s and they struggle with basic english. They use only the german speaking internet, watch localized movies, streams in german, don't play with people from other countries (or games that don't require communication to play together, or have german communities ...).

    It is incredibly easy to not encounter english on a daily basis, so easy that I would say it's the default option for most. Movies, series, books etc. usually get translated to german, websites usually offer localized versions (based on browser language or some other way of detecting the users language) upfront, search engines filter content based on language etc. - and there is always the option to use google translate.

    Encountering english on a daily basis, even if you're young, gaming and using the internet, is a deliberate choice: To join english speaking communities, not to wait for localized versions of movies/books/whatever, actively include english search results, try to talk to english speakers, choose a job or secondary education that requires english ... .  You have made this decision, but most people have not and never will. Chances are the people you hang out with have made this decision, too (overlapping interests and tendency for similar educational backgrounds in social groups and so on), so maybe you're suffering from confirmation bias? If I'd look only at friends, family and people I'm gaming with, well, yeah: Everybody can speak english, no problem. But that's a very biased selection of people.

  16. On 1/16/2021 at 12:16 AM, Demiron said:

    I don't know, maybe most people working in catering? Lodging? IT? You can insert almost any profession here and it still will be true. The only narrow minded person here is you, believing we are living in the middle ages where german people only speak german and nothing else.

    That's completely off. I'm german, live in germany and know a lot of people who don't speak english at all. Or any language besides german. To illustrate my point a bit: My former employer regularly hires people for junior positions that require some basic english skills, so a very simple test of their english language skills is included in the hiring process. About 50% of the applicants fail miserably. They're not able to translate a small email (5-6 sentences, plain english with only a few technical terms - relevant to their job - thrown in) or write one by themselves. They struggle in a 2-3min verbal conversation in english, being asked basic questions about their CV. Most of them had english lessons at shool for at least 10 years and are twenti-somethings, so their english lessons are still somewhat recent. The human ability to be ignorant is amazing.

    It gets worse when these people get older. They don't watch movies in english, don't read english texts, don't play games in english, don't work in jobs that require english (because their english was not good enough to get hired ...) so what little english skills they had withered away. Most jobs don't require english, so they can get away with it. At my current and past employers, mostly medium sized companies in the manufacturing industry, english was not required for about 90% of the jobs. Departments like marketing, export, engineering or it definitely require some english skills, but production, warehouse, cleaners, canteen, internal administration ... ? None of them require any ability to communicate in english and most people working there don't have any. To further illustrate: A software in use by the company got an update, about 2 years ago. The software is localised, almost everyone uses the german version, but due to an oversight the localisation for a little message box, telling the user that an update has been applied in the background and they should save their current work and restart the software, stopped working. I, working in IT, was on tech support duty that morning. I started my shift at 9 and had gotten about a dozen calls from people - who had seen the very same message box in german multiple times without any problems - by 10. They did not understand what was asked of them and how to proceed.

    tl;dr, so far: Many people in germany are not able to communicate in / understand english, especially if they don't usually need it for work or personal interests.

    But that's on them. They should not expect anyone to accommodate for their screwed up education. That's basic decency: I don't show up in a danish community and expect them to be happy with me talking german - even with many danes being able to communicate in german. That sense of decency is completely missing from the german crowd that's currently joining the community.

  17. 20 hours ago, Fabry said:

    If there really are players out there that cant stand hearing (or reading) other people conversing in other languages than english, then, to be honest, maybe i dont want to trade/talk/play with them.

    That's completely besides the problem. I'm from germany and german is my native language, so I definitely can stand hearing or reading german. But i think it's incredibly disrespectful to join an international community and then refuse to use a language everyone else understands.

  18. On 12/23/2020 at 9:44 PM, Torban said:

    One thing I'd recommend in any pure frost deck is Viridya. She's a godsend with her percentage health healing with frosts many damage reductions and high health pools. Stand her behind some defenders and let all comers try their luck. Even stays useful at t4 as she's a walking regrowth passive. Always get a ton of use with her.

    Viridya is a great card, but only one player can use her. I'd not recomment building decks that rely on her.

  19. I don't want other players to kill my units, no matter their intention.
    Plus it's unbalanced: If one player has Offering, everyone in the Team has it (potentially). Spam some cheap T4-Cards for unlimited charges for everyone ... doesn't sound balanced at all.

  20. Adding Nature could be a great boon, because

    • Nature allows you access to healing spells or buildings like Healing Well or Healing Gardens, making your units able to soak more damage when defending.
    • You get access to Tunnel, which allows for swift repositioning of your Units (good for defending multiple locations).
    • Some Nature Units are good defenders, like Thornbark or, if you want to go 2/2 Frost/Nature, Razorleaf. Especially with their root network, these units can deal a significant amount of damage. Support them via Root Nexus.
    • Some of the Stonekin-Cards are very useful, like Gemeye (Green) (essentially adds a free CC), Earthen Gift (heals friendly Buildings) or Deepgorge (more free CC, this time from a Tower)
    • Wheel of Gifts is a nice, too.
    • You'll get a better offense with just a few cards, leading to a better balanced deck with not much effort.
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  21. It's very unfortunate that many cards just don't have any use in RPVE. Most of them are defensive cards, like Razorleaf, Stronghold and the like, but also some very slow units like Battleship. This is mostly because these Units/Buildings are stationary, slow or mostly geared towards defense, while RPVE is all about offense.

    To counter this, I suggest adding a new RPVE-Mode where you have to mostly defend youself against waves of enemies, unlocking access to new orbs and generators by defeating boss waves.

    I know that this is hardly a priority so short after launch and that it will be a ton of work (map generation, scripting, testing ...), so I don't expect to see anything like this for the next months, but I do think it would be worthwhile to add variety to RPVE in the long run.

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