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  1. Urmeli

    Map editor tutorials

    Hi, can you tell me, how I get the official PvE map script files? Mfg Urmel
  2. Urmeli

    Boring for beginners

    It was surely not ment, that you get the most expensive deck possible on level 120 within one week selling the boosters and bfp you get from daily quests. It was ment, that you are able to create a high level deck consisting of good and cheap cards. Therefore I am a little bit confused about your statement because it does not make sense. All cards you mention count to the most expensive cards of the game. When I started to play in october last year, i started to build up a quite universal twilight deck (see attachment) because it gives very good value for low bfp. Most expensive cards of this deck are hurricane and ensnaring roots, but you can play most PvE expert maps very well even if you have only one or two stacks of these more expensive cards. Maybe you should search the deck build section or the beginners guides to look for cheap deck suggestions. Additionally none of the cards you mention (except Mana wing for some special tactics) are core cards for PvE. (If you check the market regularly, you can get mana wing for around 300-400 bfp) Even if I dont agree with all of Kubiks statements in this thread, I think that working for cards and upgrade is a higher incentive than having all cards and upgrades to compete in PvP. Additionally I agree, that you will not beat a better player in PvP even if you have the upgrades. The fail rate will still be 100%. To increase the winrate of beginners, the machmaking need to be changed that beginners will only be matched with other beginners. Even if this means, that players maybe sometimes does not find an opponent. Mfg Urmel
  3. Hello together, today I spend some time looking at the PvE Rankings. And i was very suprised/impressed about some teams which were able to finish maps within only a few minutes. It would be very interesting to watch the replays of these games. Therefor I like to request a feature adding the game replays to the Ranking page, so that everyone can watch how the impressive Map times have been achieved. It would be nice if this feature can be added. Best Regards Urmel
  4. Urmeli

    3-Deck loss

    NAME: Mail delete error message, Mail content not recieved SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Ingame Mail REPRODUCIBILITY: dont know, just happens once (Today at roughly 10:55) DESCRIPTION: Deleting Mail leads to error message (sorry did not make screenshot). All Cards in the left side card overview are not visible until restart. The content of the Mail (booster) has not been added to the inventory. It is still missing after game restart. Maybe the daily BFP have not been recieved as well, i am not sure as I diddnt know the BFP amount before deleting the mails. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Sorry diddnt take a screenshot ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  5. Urmeli

    3-Deck loss

    The mailcontent of the dailyquest for today could be collected without any issues, so it looks like it was a unique event. Mfg Urmel
  6. Urmeli

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Hey Kubik, I think it does not make sense to argue back and forth if you have a different view on this feature. Therefore I wont do it. I only like to request other players who think this feature will maybe resolve the problem of "limited to nearly no existent expert lobbys" that they share their opinion. Mfg Urmel
  7. Urmeli

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Hi, The replays I included in my last posts are 20-100 kB each, which means that all 27 expert replays wild need a discspace of roughly 1-3 MB. My personal understanding ist that this feature is worth the "size" because I think that shared replays on a community platform will not have the below mentioned advantage. Mfg Urmel
  8. Urmeli

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    And another one on Ravens End Expert together with Spikezzi, Alexx-serg and {GM}MephistoRoss 20190203_200246_12301_PvE_04p_Endfight.pmv
  9. Urmeli

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Another one, Guns of Lyr Expert, with confirmation of the team. This time with Silence, Sheax and TheStyk. Mfg Urmel 20190203_175943_11302_PvE_04p_EnemyAvalanche.pmv
  10. Urmeli

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    And one more on Insane God Expert together with Mind0r 20190202_222233_11202_PvE_02p_MadGod.pmv
  11. Urmeli

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Hi Kubik, the appearence is not important, the functionality is the key. I think, we will find voluntaries who will share some replays and I will try to set a good example. Here is my "King of Giants Expert replay" i just played 5 min ago. The other Players, Zelman21, YczachaY and IronManOne agreed to share it. 20190202_180659_11303_PvE_04p_KingOfTheGiants.pmv
  12. Urmeli

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Hello together, as the cretor of this thread I have acutally realized that I totally underrated the efford some players put into the game to achieve these speed run results and the competition some of you have within the speed run "functionality". Therefor I totally agree now, that my proposed idea will destroy the game experience of speedruns. Therefore I will try to turn the discussion back in the direction my idea was based on. I, as a player without a "group", am dependent on other players who are willing to play 2 or 4 Player maps. And if I open the game and look for expert game lobbies to play in, I only find RPVE, Guns of Lyr and Dwarven Riddle. In my opinion the reason for this is that RPVE can be won without any knowledge and for Dwarven Riddle and Guns of Lyr some 100% working strategies are existing, so that the winrate of these expert maps are nearly 100% if you have at least 1 Player in the team who knows what to do. Even if it was formulated differently my main purpose of this proposal was to make working strategies (not best speedrun strategies) for expert maps easier accessable so that more players dare to play these maps. Especially if they are not premade and rely on communicting by chat. For my feeling, Kubiks view on this is "look at youtube, you find all necessary information there" but I think the number of open expert lobbies show, that this is not enough to resolve the problem I described. (Side comment: Another disadvantage of youtube is, that you only see the view of the video recorder. But sometimes you are intersted in whats happening on other positions of the map, for example another players position.) Therefore I like to propose a slightly adjusted request: Is it possible to show a working expert replay (maybe replays which have been voluntarily shared by players or maybe random replays which are significantly slower than the speedrun results) in the lobby creating screen? (see Screenshot) The only requirement these replays should fulfill is, that they have been recorded with the proposed numer of players for the map and all players have survived until the end. With this kind of feature I think that even players who dont have an own group to develop strategies can organize each other. "Hey lets play it the way as it is shown in the actual replay" and they have a chance to do so and they dont need to worry that they ruin the experience of others due to their lack of strategy knowledge. I surely would favor that these "examplary replays" change once a month or a week, so that players can follow different strategies. I am highly interested about your opinions on this Idea Best Regards Urmeli

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