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  1. Giving minus-points for exceeding a certain time would really make sense. Because right now, as soon as you figured out a working strategy, you can just do it suuuper slow. And I got a question: What if more players get the same points? If it is possible to do it with all restrictions, I can imagine that there will be like one who gets the max points, and then several who get second place (considering the "fastest time bonus")
  2. Sounds like a fun Challange! Thanks for being so creative coming up with something like this ;D Although the ways to eary points seem very harsh - No walls, only T1 buildings, no T4, no fast units, no rare or Ultrarare units ... sounds hard but i gotta try. My only concern is that so much restrictions don´t let much room for unique strategies i guess. Not sure if i can even beat the map on expert with my favourite Pure-Fire with that rules - or rather if I try to, I wont get points.
  3. That could indeed be very cool.
  4. Good Ideas, new Gamemodes is what could really improve the long-time fun to keep players playing the game. Personally I´d also like a PvP-Mode, where Fog Of War is enabled - like it´s the case in (almost all) other RTS-games. -> To then balance this I would also add aother layer of unit-cap (max units you can have in play), bound to the number of Wells you have for example - or even just bound to time. This would prevent overwhelming rushes. This mode could then be about building a nice base - looking for the perfect balance between towers build and units played and so on.
  5. Hi, this was suggested before: "it might be possible, but would require too much work and is not a priority right now"
  6. Yeah good idea, or the possibility to add Notes to your friendlist (or to each entry) would be nice also.
  7. Nah, the deciding factor is if it's technically possible to implement any kind of ideas. Probably sooner or later someone of the Skylords Team notices it and replies if it can be done or not. I guess upvotes and such play a small role to find out of what's wanted by the community and worth putting time into from the devs.
  8. That both (ideas for community map sorting and adding some to the actual map) sounds like a great QoL change! Even tho I already played a few community maps already, I went through the same - as you described searching forever for the map Kings Ridge Would really like to see community-maps being sorted like your point c) suggestion.
  9. Whoa the price pool drastically increased since the last challange, at least for the first 3 places. Top 10 gets 100bfp - thats not worth the efford for me xd I guess the Pro´s (like Pritstift) will be rich after this one - as they will claim the first places in every category as usual probably.
  10. Good ideas, I suggested something similar on discord - it would be awesome if we could search for keywords in our inventory. Zyna replied to me but unfortunately it's not possible without a Huge amount of effort. ;o So not anytime soon. But maybe some of your suggestions are easier to implement.? Because I'd love to see some of your ideas ingame, especially the last one - for me it always felt weird that the neutral cards don't show up when u take away all 4 colors from your filter - that would be a nice little QoL change indeed.
  11. Ye I didn't say we change him that he gets broken - I would not take away the poison-effect from him, I'd just like to see it being made stronger or even add another ability to him. He is the ONLY pure nature t4 card and thus the only reason to go pure nature on t4 in PvE, he should provide something more special that just looking cool. Even the green one could receive a little buff.
  12. Was an awesome tournament, thx for organizing! How many did actually participate? I guess I was quite an outsider with my pure fire, I think I was ~15 with my 19:10 time (which still had some errors in it, unfortunately). Also had that one face-palm moment, when I saw the replays - completely forgot about the banner of glory to get back power from units, dang. xD Looking forward for more fun & exiting challenges, maybe even a 2-player one?
  13. Another nice QoL idea, I want this please
  14. Why Mauler in particular? Got any ideas for him already? Yes I´d like to have affinitys for all twilight-edition cards, but where to start? Just randomly giving single units affinitys? I´d say we start with the units, and maybe go from t1 through to t4. I wouldnt mind coming up with ideas, but I don´t know if that would be even wanted from the devs - not everyone wants to get affinitys for the original cards. Actually, Forest Elder purple is already ok-ish ye, but for a t4 unit that has such big restrictions (4x, 325 Power) it should provide more than just a little bit damage to ne
  15. And also tomorrow, right? @Toggy can we still send you replays tomorrow the whole day? My fastest run is full of mistakes, I wanna give it one more shot
  16. Good point, I´d love to see more creature-tpye synergies as well. Dint´t think about that actually, I just wanted to make the Forest Elder stronger and different or even opposite to the other affinity, so that each of them has its own usecase - green being supportive, purple being strong on his own. But if he would get a dmg-buff in addition to his area-damage, that sounds alot like Batariel indeed Right, usually it´s the same ability that has a different effect, but f.e. Thunder Wagon - red gives siege, while the purple one has a completele different ability: ex
  17. Well thanks a lot for your detailed reply @Majora :] It´s great news that ideas from the community (and my ideas) are being heard! I am aware of the fact that this Project is only fan based and worked on in free/spare time, and I really appreciate all of the staffs work! For me, i just want to provide as much as I can to improve the project or rather the game for everyone - and that´s just ideas for now, beacuse not available actual free time is a reason (besides probably missing qualifications too) why I don´t apply to become a member in the first place. Considering Sugge
  18. Xamos


    That´s actually insane
  19. Dear Skylords and Skyladies, first off, I really like the idea of card-affinitys, as they provide the possibility to use different strategies and adjust your deck to your liking and needs. And I´m really looking forward to a Rework of the 4 Crystals - as they provide great Synergy with affinitys and would improve deck diversity, f.e. when you choose the "weaker" affinity but it gets supported by the crystal-effect. I´d love to have affinitys for each original twilight-edition card as well, but that can wait That said, there are many cards where one affinity is just better th
  20. Xamos

    Shrine of War

    The thing is, in normal cPvE it´s not that much of a Problem, but in rPvE the Power refund is insane, since there are constantly enemies dying. I propose that it should get a cap - a max Power refund during one activation. Either: 1. let it not return more than ~500 Power 2. or better dynamically: let it not return more that 70% of your void power (from the timestamp when activated e.g. you have 1000 void at the beggining and it can max. return 700) 3. during one activation your Voidpower can´t go below a certain point (f.e. not lower than 200 Voidpower) 4. let it
  21. Good point, I think that's something that the SR description team likes to adjust, right? I found more inconsistencies: Mumbo-jumbo and Frost bite both have a fire and a shadow affinity, tho one does make the unit take more dmg on the fire one and the other one hast the same effect on the shadow one. I suggest changing Frost Bite - swap their affinitys and also change the one where the unit attacks at a slower pace to frost.
  22. That would make sense yeah, would vote for this solution. Even tho I do already have it. So I´d propose something additional: - Give every player 500bfp as a Birthday-present and make Promo Snapjaws available in the shop (like a Booster) for 500bfp - available at the 18th Dez and for a week afterwards. Then everyone who doesn´t already have them can buy them, and the others are happy with bfp. I also like the Achievement Idea, but as already stated it should reward people with something special, and not something that they might already have.
  23. Nice, thanks for your effort! Although not that much new infos here for me, I was just hoping to get some insight already on what the Plans of Balancing and new implementations are. I´d love to see a List of cards and their planned changes. Yes there is the wiki-page for the actual balancing, but I´d like a small summary with statements like: Shadow Worm will have lifesteal in the future, to become a strong 4x card! Also, as you are the community manager - it would have been nice if you catch up on some liked ideas (for card-changes) from the Forums and Discord and state th
  24. That´s indeed a sick idea. I want this now
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