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  1. Oh well you accidentally waited 8 years instead of like 3 , because it was playable by everyone from 2018 onwards if I remember correctly, then 2 years ago the reset happened and it got officially released.
  2. Yeah it crashed again (playing the map Mo i´ll try deleteing all pak-files then _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp
  3. Xamos

    Dying Breed

    Good point, but what would you suggest then? The closer other enemies are to the affected unit, the more damage they take or something like that?
  4. Oh well, thanks for the reply nontheless! (I thought these are related because it sporadically closed for me aswell) Corrupted file means that I should reinstall the game or smth?
  5. Crashed again, this time the game froze tho and i was not able to even move away from the window. No Idea whats happening _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp
  6. Hi - yesterday also today my game also simply closed itself aka crashed - both times in game. Yesterday I did not check the log but today it shows an Error. I was playing the Map Mo with no units and was walking up to the bazai Lord with mo and creeps from sunken temple. Yesterday I was playing siege of Hope with pure fire when it randomly crashed. crashdata.mdmp_log_proxy_latest.log
  7. Oh okaaaay, and I thought my old Laptop is giving up on the game xD
  8. And my second Entry to the Card Design Contest: Allyria (tho I changed the abilitys a little) - An T2 Archer Hero, the beloved wife of Rogan Kayle (they would´ve just recently married, as it didn´t come up in the story yet ^^) Name: [Allyria] Tier & Orbs: [T2, Neutral] Type: [Unit] - based on the Model of a single White Ranger, but recolored to be gold and white to maybe look like a girl princess Power: [80] Hit points and Size: [790] [ S ] ( single S unit, able to mount Wall Segments) Attack value and Type: [960] [ranged and XL] Passive Abilities: [I
  9. Here is one of my Entries: Fierce Builders! Name: [Fierce Builders] Tier & Orbs: [T2 Fire, one Red one neutral Orb] Type: [Unit] - Model of Northguards Power: [65] Hit points and Size: [700] plus [S] Attack value and Type: [900] plus [melee and counter-type S] Active Ability: [Forceful Construction - Activate to create a Zone with a range of 20m around the unit. Every building that is placed within that zone will be constructed 30% faster but will take 70% increased damage after fully constructed for the next 30 seconds] The idea behind this unit is to en
  10. Here a resized model of a Unit like Dryad would make much more sence don´t you think?
  11. Why are these 3 examples tho? We need these as cards, not as examples 😮 And because they have been given as examples nobody dared to bring up an idea for this card´s abilitys. Seriously, they look epic. Only Flock Leader should probably be L ^^
  12. Only if the next Patch goes live on April 1st i guess xD But it´s kinda weird that every member of the squad ends up on the exact same position, would be cool if possible that they stampede side by side^^ I like this thread already 😉 If you have the motivation, I think it would also be cool if you yourself could properly share the entries of Contest that you liked the most here as an additional reply - giving credit to the original Person who came up with the card idea of course.
  13. Xamos

    Dying Breed

    This card bothered me basically since it existed, because I literally have not seen it being used. And why does a card exist if its not even played by anyone. I like the fact that you already came up with solutions, which actually sound reasonable. Having access to this card at T2 could actually help Fire in PvP to prevent f.e. a lot of war eagles spawning, or a lot of burrowers. But you still can´t really ignore an enemie unit in PvP, can you? It will just destroy your wells. And if you still have to kill the unit, the effect is gone. Your ideas would have following upsides, that o
  14. I like Amazon, Dino-Types and Flyer-Types a lot! With this its easy to imagine the new suggested Amii-Core T4 unit as an XL
  15. Xamos

    thunder wagon

    I agree that the ability should at least cost a little less. if i costs 30p you still wouldnt use it mindlessly right, but that would make it much easier to use when you have many of them.
  16. Also, why was "Tainted Death" completele removed from Thunder Wagon instead of simply added to both affinitys? While this wouldn´t have that big of an impact, it´s not op by any means and if the ability is there why not make use of it?
  17. I did miss quite a lot there as its hard to keep up reading, but do you know what happened to the idea someone had to give Moloch an active ability to spread lava all around him? Even Moloch´s Card-Art suggests that he can spit fire from his back 😮
  18. Thx, now only @WindHunter would have to notice it and say yes so it may get implemented at some point 😄
  19. Balance changess yesss. Some cards I tested because they were already in decks I recently played: I like Strikers change to be able to gang up with orks, would be cool if there are more other orks than thugs tho. Maybe some ork-archers (crossbow). Earthkeeper´s change is what I was waiting for! Thanks 😄 finally 🙂 BUT it seems to be buggy - his damage taken should be spread out to stonekin-units nearby, but some don´t work. At first I thought certain units don´t receive any of the spread damage, but Now it looks to me like the raduis is just bugged. - > stonekin units S
  20. Hi, I think that I understand your point - Lyrish Knight at first glance looks like a 'flagship'-unit of Frost and feels kinda weak to play - especially in PvE. I myself would also like to see a small buff for this card, but probaly the pointed out 'obvious' buff to simply increase Lyrish Knight´s Damage might be the wrong way (tho a very small Number adjustment wouldn´t hurt either). IMO the Problem is, that it currently can´t be viably used as anything else than an XL-Counter (or also the nasty-boom combo). What I´d like to see would be a different approach: give the unit a much
  21. Wow, Community Update 30 already. And I read each and every one of them with so much excitement and pleasant anticipation! Very much appreciated that you put the time in and write it. 2nd Anniversary already? Time really flys by as we get older (not old but older^^ ) I still very much enjoy the game and am so grateful that you guys brought it back and keep making it better! Thanks so much. (Also I'd also love to see new gamemodes like defensive rPvE one day, but I'm patient^^) I don't have the time to play as much as back in the days but every now and then I start to play again and
  22. I very much appreciate your efforts and I love the new update and announcements. I mean The Raven Walker, how cool is that!? Another Community Map, amazing! Great to hear that you Majora get assistance with the moderator role - but does that mean this was your last community update? 😱
  23. Well I do agree to that: being able to hit air would imo be something necessary if Rageflame wants to be able to compete for the deckslot with simpler freeze-cards like coldsnap. On that regard, its fire counterpart unit - Vulcan - should then also be able to hin air. Would be a nice QoL (and since it has a different attack multiplier than Magma Hurler it should be fine) For the supportive units there are still 2 groups, either being spammable or not. Agressor, Grim Bahin, Winter Witch, Shaman, LostDragon, Gemeye are all spammable. The others you mentioned ar
  24. I am not sure if that is the right way to go here. Tho applying a freeze that does not have the dmg reduction sounds nice on paper, it still takes very long time to actually freeze the enemy unit, can be interrupted and is unable to affect air units. So why would I include a pure supportive unit-card in my deck, that takes up a precious deckslot while I only play the card ~ twice a game? And while being mostly inferior to other freeze options like Volin pointed out. If it would be spammable - either by changing the way its freeze applys to enemies to benefit from more of its kind,
  25. Oh well that´s pretty cool then! Thanks for clearification. 😄
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