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  1. Your understanding of up to 6000 per target, and up to 8000 total is correct, but how does it works internally... no one have a clue. Or to be exact I can print it, but it is crazy amount of numbers and I do not like reading that many numbers If you are interested, and can do some basic math, and are willing to work with a lot of numbers, I can allow you to see these numbers, and if you figure out how it works, and will have some exact suggestions how to improve it, I am sure it will be considered by design team.
  2. have you checked? specifically: [Open] Balance Developer [Open] Game Designer
  3. Most important question from me is about: "doesn't overflow correctly to further targets", where you get the definition of what is correct? Not saying you wrong (most likely EA is wrong )
  4. well we do not have source code of the game, so we are quite sure we could not change it with the update
  5. And can you imagine, that every single rPvE map have less enemies that EA specified it to have? (Can not say intended to have, because I have no clue if they did not test it, or ignore the warnings, or was just incapable of specifying it correctly) and that included these with lost souls enemies. The new Fireland preset, have same issue, but there it is mostly air defense buildings, so a bit better, than EA's results.
  6. maybe it is the way they are cut? Because we did not want to include rest of the window, because it does not carry any additional information, and would just eat up a lot of space, and force us to have the relevant area smaller (compared to size of page)
  7. Last few days I was thinking about some "non technical" document that would be delivered by updater to the game files in all 4 languages, so everyone would be able to read it, but no exact plan for that yet, so no help with exact keywords I originally have also true and false, but when I start adding translations I think I simplify it, to just 0 and 1, that is same in all languages, and all could hopefully understand it (now I know it was not the best option). So in some future patch more options will be added. So instead of just 1 all these will be accepted: "1", "t", "y", "yes",
  8. @Nagrach do you think we can make it "somehow" more user friendly, before the UI rework? I also noticed, that non English players, might not even read the English only document, so they might not be aware of this filtering at all, even thou it is in all 4 languages.
  9. did you experience all 11 presets already? https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Patches/Patch_400031#Map_Changes here if you expand it, you will see old and new probabilities of the presets.
  10. How are we supposed to fix it, if we do not have source code for it?
  11. will we get source code of the game to do it? Sure possible, but I do not think easy
  12. there is config.json, instead of config.xml. The config.xml is there only because editor requires it to exist
  13. this weirdness is intended, but do not ask me why I was given some explanation I did not understand.
  14. what "hostility"? I personally do not like the reforging, so I do not need to hear how people like it. Position of "Balance Developer" does not require any technical knowledge, and usually applicants get to try it before their application is being processed. It just need crazy amount of time per card. And there are 1000s of cards. I did not ask about position of designer that have more to do with re-balancing the cards. I would say these positions also not require highly technical knowledge (depending on how you categorize math). I hope it will not sound aggressive t
  15. If you think balancing cards is easier solution, why not apply for "[Open] Balance Developer" position, to try out for yourself?
  16. That was not always the case even before. I already change it to exclude splashes with not selected colors, but not sure, when will be next patch. Well this is bug on my side There is limit that you can search only for up to 500 cards, but by adding the advanced filtering options, some filters check specifically for U3 versions of the card (and because U0, and U3 are different cards) I forget to add filter to collect only base ids, so without additional filters it can easily be over 500 It is fixed, but not sure when will be next patch. what resolution are you playing on?
  17. > Referral Program I do not think it will gonna happen, so much extra work to track multiaccounters, trying to get 100 "fake friends" to give them the rewards...
  18. Improve experience when viewing / auctioning owned cards. 1. Done... You can filter you inventory 2. This would need server support so I can not do anything about it 3. Done... You can filter you inventory Item Search 1. This would need server support so I can not do anything about it DISCLAIMER: I am not sure if these changes will make it to the next path, but I really hope so.
  19. only one? you mean Amii Monument, or Amii Ritual? Also did you read community updates?
  20. fixed client so it can handle up to 127 mails after next patch. (It is still up to server to chose any number that is not higher than this. I guess something round like 120?)
  21. @Fundus may I ask how you expect us to fix it, if we do not have a source code for the game, or way to reproduce it?
  22. I do not see any obvious screw up on EA's side for this, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (is that correct?) is more than capable of DX, and based on no one ever having this issue before, I can guess only that some update on your PC break it to the point that it thinks the GPU supports DX 11 and at same time maximum shader model that was obsolete in 2001. But as I said, only a guess. One more guess, does your CPU have integrated GPU? maybe they fight over the screen, and BF is incapable of choosing.
  23. that is interesting can you send the log (just the new error lines will be enough)) But it looks like broken driver maybe try to reinstall the GPU driver.
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