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  1. If Headphones are a communication device for your head, then why aren't phone's also called the same? Is it implying there's more uses in other areas of the body in which a phone can be used?

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    2. BurningWorld


      @steezyremind me that I have to prove your statement wrong after I'm back from today's night shift, kay? :D 

      Gtg now :( cucu

      @Nephilim, are you sure you know what a leftist is? becoz it doesn't seem like you do, No harm. I'm just curious.

    3. Nephilim



      "We need to arm teachers and gear up the police. Amen!"

      ironic phrases about gun controle comming from a left wing point of view (even if beeing sarcastic itself)

    4. Kazayrian


      @Nephilim I was actually serious lmao. More good people need guns to scare the bad people.



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