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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi, my name is Fabian, I'm from Germany, currently doing my PhD in phyics. I loved BF back in the days, I did spend some time in pvp, but more on pve. Since I've found out about this project, I am excited. Well, I guess all of this is valid for most of the people here.. You guys asked about testing knowledge? Well, I don't have anything special, I just participated in quite a few betas and alphas and I have a decent amount of 15 years of gaming "experience" now. Despite that? Well, I might not be the worst person in analytical thinking I guess ... maybe this is an advantage in testing? Regarding the time, as you might guess, I can't 24/7 the game. But 15-20 h a week can be possible, especially on weekends. And I would play it sometimes with a friend, following the rule "4 eyes see more than 2" ( a German saying, might not be valid in english ). I want to be honest, I am on vacation right now (first long holidays since a long time) until in 2 weeks. This is also the reason for me opting in this late, I hope when it's the turn of this page, I might be back So why choose me? Well, with the prospect of a nice summer, my biggest advance is: I am a caveman - I stay inside when the weather is beautiful - and I love it Anyways, keep up the good work! Ps, discord: sir fister gee#3819
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    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

  3. Sir Fister Gee

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2530 which is my credit card pin

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