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  1. NAME: "Create game" Button disabled in community maps SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge, Lobby creation for community map REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: After playing a community map (un-) successfully and trying to start a second community map the "Start game" button gets disabled. Tested on solo maps. SCREENSHOT: See below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 1) PVE Maps are creatable. After playing one, community maps still aren't creatable. 2) However a re-login does the job and afterwards community maps are creatable again. 3) Might have to do with being stuck in an old (single
  2. Hey @vindicator How did you come so far? I'm currently stuck at the following exception when I run the Updater v0.3 I have .Net 4.0 & 4.5 installed + d3dx9 + vcrun2010 Tried it on 32- and 64-bit arch
  3. Same for me. Current Workaround: Let the host of the game invite you! If the host is no person you know, you can always try to whisper to them asking for an invitation
  4. This might be due to the currently high usage of CPU and GPU if the game freezes, for example if a response of the server comes late or even times out. In combination with an old computer / hardware this can lead to an spontaneous shutdown due to overheating.
  5. This is a known bug. Check the following for further information
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