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  1. Demiron liked a post in a topic by Epsilon in Remove lending LVL120 PVP decks   
    I agree with the idea to remove the 120 PvP decks 100%. There definitely are heavily PvP-focused players, but the grind created a natural need for them to mix in with the PvE players. It strengthened the community that everyone had to share the same struggle. I also agree with the psychological reasoning that having the end result of the grind - that is at least in my case a 120 PvP deck - readily available from the start diminishes the motivation to play. When I learned of the free PvP decks I felt a rush of disappointment. There was a certain thrill about playing the Juggernaut for the first time, that is now basically non-existent. It may promote competitive PvP in the early days, but in the end the fully upgraded decks do nothing but diminish the perceived value of your playing time.
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