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  1. What do you mean? Yes I know, that but the point is that the resource POST /api/auctions/:page/:number with the body could be simply converted as query parameters this way: /api/auctions/:page/:number ==> /api/auctions?page=1&resultsPerPage=1 Reason: the resource you are waintg to retrieve is "auctions", not the "number" Also change "number" to "resultsPerPage", which is more clear as user. Can set a defalut number of "30" or just make it mandatory. You can make "page" it mandatory giving a 4XX error and feedback.
  2. I've found some inconsistencies in the API signature... This endpoint https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/tree/master/Auctions#post-apiauctionspagenumber is a POST and it should be a GET because you are retrieveing information and is the auction state do not change it should be idemponent. Why is a POST? Also... This API is opensource or restitrcted to verfied developers? Also I've found many other errors that would like to discuss or at least notify, but this post wolud be too long and boring ^.^'
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