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  1. Wormas

    Missing dll file

    The picture tells the problem. After some trials and errors I finally opened the updater without getting the files deleted by antivirus. But this window popped up. It is possible that it is caused by mi antivirus (at the first successful attempt to open the updater as an administrator, there was no such problem even though the game did not start because of the antivirus putting it in to a chest). I even downloaded the GearboxRedist.exe but it did not fix this. So the question is: Does anyone know how/where to get this dll file? (safely)
  2. Wormas

    Updater not working from today

    So here I am...again. Yesterday I finally got the game working. But today after I started the updater, which started the UAC, nothing happened. And after several minutes of waiting the UAC stopped working. Aaaand I could not start the updater again. (It said that it is not a proper win32 executable file or something) Any ideas? No? Just reinstall the game?
  3. Wormas

    Updater not working from today

    I restored the updater, checked if battleforge folder in documents is NOT set to read only and opened it. The updater file size dropped to zero but it started to slowly increase soon. After about 10 minutes the file reached its original size and the updater started itself.
  4. Wormas

    Updater not working from today

    Redownloaded, extracted, opened, uac opened and...nothing. Updater file size dropped to 0 kB and now it is slowly increasing. UAC in the task manager does not show any activity. Ok, after some minutes the updater has started and it seems fine now.
  5. Wormas

    Updater not working from today

    It opens the black command window and it remains open.
  6. Wormas

    Missing dll file

  7. Wormas

    Faction symbols

    I really like this idea but tbh it reminds me of AC symbol and I do not see the anchor or spear itself in the logo at the first glance. Maybe I would make the anchor a bit more pronounced, so the two elements would not merge into something unrecognizable. (I even tried to do something to illustrate my point even though it doesnt feel right to me)
  8. Wormas

    Faction symbols

    I have just got an idea for the twilight symbol. I tried to visualize something similar to Willzaper which has a pretty "twilight feel" in its design. It is not quite finished, I will not probably even finish it but hopefuly you get my idea. Keep up the good work
  9. Wormas

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    We all know that this is rigged but I will try my luck. I have not joined the last forum giveaway, because i didn't know if i would be able to play...but now I am ready!
  10. Wormas

    Contest: New Logo

    So, finally something important, that has forced me to register, appeared I contribute Hope i wont have to change colors, its my basic idea, maybe ill improve it

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