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  1. 21 minutes ago, Cocofang said:

    If you want to totally wreck rPvE with an unconventional, cheap T4 card, you can go for Death Ray.


    Tried to use cheap cards where possible. You can get by without Grimvine. Mutating Frenzies kinda work if you want to take them with you on T4 but they'll die. Technically, you don't strictly need any other T4 aside from Giant Wyrm and Death Ray. The most important spells are all Arcane, which means they can be used anywhere and without ground presence. Revenge and Thunderstorm aren't necessary either but are very good with Death Rays. Thunderstorm helps clearing up trash so Death Rays don't blow their valuable charges and Revenge has crazy synergy with their Leech Guns because the life they suck out of your own units gets splashed onto enemies!

    The idea is to spam WWs and support them with Surge. That can get you to T4 most of the time. But for quick clear of T3 you can use Burrowers to run in, Oink the camp and then destroy the spawns. I added a bunch of fluff units you can use if you feel like it. Can also just switch them around, the core here are just WWs, Death Ray and Giant Wyrm.

    2x Healing Gardens are necessary, otherwise it becomes too expensive to sustain your Death Rays. You need to constantly heal them with Equilibrium and Regrowth. Use Unholy Hero and Unholy Might on your Death Rays against bosses.


    This is what a more expensive version of this deck can look like. It's obviously also possible to start with Shadow and go for Harvester. Noteworthy additions are Cultist Masters + Furnace of Flesh for quick void return, which you need because you heal a lot. Incredible Mo for the yellow buff so your Death Rays can't be disabled. Overlord and Grim Bahir are whatever, Grimvine and Giant Wyrm work just as well. Just some beefy units your Death Rays can leech off of.


    U3 Death Ray is required so they aren't slow anymore.

    Why are they worth the trouble? They have 4000 DP20S and they DOUBLE that while they have juice. In addition, they have bonus damage against XL. The tankiest bosses (and most dangerous enemy units) in rPvE are XL and they usually take some time to grind down. However Death Rays have a whooping 12.000 DP20S against XL units. Add Unholy Hero and they just tear whole chunks out of any boss. You WILL notice when your Death Rays lay into a boss, nothing else compares.

    ty alot for the details and everyhing appriciate it!

  2. hey started playing today if someone can recommenct me of a cheap pve deck would be great :D

    photo of the deck itself or the cards will be uesefull

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