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  1. Only a thought of mine...

    ea shut down the servers becouse they didnt earned enuogh money.

    what can you do in future when that project becomes a business and you cant pay all the stuff?

    its not the same as you started the project without profit. In future you have to earn money like ea.

    pls dont misunderstand me i hope for a good future and new content for skylords reborn but i also hope that the game never dies again!!

    cu ;)

  2. On 12.2.2017 at 8:10 AM, Ragenarok said:

    I would like to see promos for some of the initial "starter" creatures
    Master archers

    But than also a few other early game staples
    Frost mage
    Nox Trooper
    (I'd suggest firedancer for red, keeping things equal in colour, but Firedancer already has a promo variation)

    One thing to be careful of though, of course is to not have too many promo variations of cards as you are allowed to run both instances side by side which can upset a balance where charges and legendary rules are concerned.

    One of my favourite things to do was to have both non promo and Promo Viridiya to stack her healing aura

    It goes without sayingt that most of the XL cards would make viable candidates too

    I do like  "Aarzl's suggestion of Promo spell cards with alternate animations or lingering mark effect animations

    Promo- starter sounds good !

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