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    Instead of offering cards you enter a "want to buy a certain card for a specific price".
    Don't know how it affects the economy, but right now it sounds like a good addition to me. You instantly could get some BFP, if you want to buy a card. Also it could stabilize the prices a bit.
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    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks,
    After what seemed like eons of hard work and development, we have finally reached the point where the Forge of Creation has been rebuilt for the Skylords to use in their endeavour to protect the realm of Nyn from evil once again. Restricted Access under the Open Stress Test is finally upon us! This means that all of you will finally have access to the forge once again. However, in the starting stages of this phase, slots will be limited and not everyone can be online at the same time. Since the forge is unstable and still under construction, you might find yourself stuck with questions or limitations regarding the game. However, there is no reason to fret! This here topic will provide you with all the information, details, and questions you need regarding the Open Stress Test, its current status, and the future of the Skylords Reborn development cycle. This topic also contains some important regulations, so please read it thoroughly. 

    How can I play this game?
    We get you're excited, and you have all reason to be! You will finally be able to access the game again in some of its former glory. There is some setting up to be done though!

    The game works on a Windows platform. If you are playing on a non-windows operating system, you can use WineHQ to run the game (https://www.winehq.org/). This should work, but since our recent updates we can't guarantee it. If you succeed in running the game on WineHQ, please contact @Ultrakool
    In order to play the game, you will need 2 parts:
    The client, which are your game files. This is the game code itself, so put it in a place where you have over 10 GB of space, preferably more. This is a RAR file; make sure to use WinRAR or the likes to extract the files in the same location. The game will NOT work if you do not extract the client files! You can download the client in the following places: Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y1oerkxhupe5k9b Mega.nz: https://mega.nz/#!YBIxWRqZ!8PRFy-juUyIufkoV_hY80C4QL_eud-AU2j7msvF4a5k The updater, which is required to connect to our server. Extract the updater files in the same location as your client files have been extracted to. You can download the updater over here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xw52oho41k3s4op/SkylordsRebornUpdater.zip/file Make sure you have Visual C++ redistributables for 2015 installed. Make sure you install the x86 version of the redist (vc_redist86.exe)! You can download that here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48145 YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-DOWNLOAD THE CLIENT IF YOU PRE-DOWNLOADED IT. THE UPDATER WILL HELP WITH THIS. Checksum at end of post. Be mindful that the game will not function without any of these files. Once you have the files on your computer, running the updater (skylordsrebornupdater.exe) should start the game correctly. 
    How do I log in to the server?
    In Skylords Reborn, you will be able to enter the server using your forum account! Your forum account will be linked to the game, allowing for quests, rewards, and statistics to work in the future. If you haven't already, you can create your account over here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/register/
    My game won't start! What do I do?
    Before making a Technical Support Topic to contact staff, please consider the following:
    Whether you have attempted logging in using your email address. Forum account name does not work! Whether you have both the client files and the launcher Whether you have the correct C++ Redisttributables installed (see the link above) Whether you are running the launcher as an administrator Whether you have extracted the files of both .RAR archives correctly in the same folder Whether your computer can run the game. Check the minimum system requirements below:
    CPU: Single Core 1.8Ghz
    CPU Speed: Core 1.8Ghz
    RAM: Windows XP - 512MB, Vista and Windows 7+ - 1GB
    OS: Windows XP (with service pack 2) Vista, Windows 7 or higher. Other OSes require WineHQ (Unless further stated, we can NOT currently help with WineHQ issues, and we cannot guarantee SR working on them.)
    Video Card: 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series+ / ATI Radeon 9500+
    Be mindful that your virus scanner may flag our updater files, you should whitelist them or turn off your antivirus/firewall temporarily. DO NOT try to mount .RAR files as an image or extract .RAR files with an image mounting program such as Daemon Tools or MagicDisc. This will not make your game function! If you encounter any problems, please troubleshoot using this topic: 
    If none of that works, follow the instructions in the topic above in order to create a Technical Support Topic (or find the solution in someone else's topic!). Please refrain from contacting staff members directly for your issues, and wait for a response to your support topic.

    Will I be able to use my old account?
    No. As we are not EA we do not have access to your old accounts and never will, so you will have to create a new one and start from scratch. We know this is annoying but there is no way for us to retrieve account information. At least you can play the game again though!

    What are the current features in the Open Stress Test?
    The game is incomplete! Am I doing something wrong?
    Help! I can't play a certain game mode!
    Remember, this is currently an Open Stress Test (and therefore a Restricted Beta). There are many features that are inaccessible right now, and we will be working on in the meantime. Features that will work in the current version of the game are:

    Game Auto-Updater The Forge (including chat, friends, groups, auction house, store, deck creation, and so on) All single-player, 2-player, 4-player and 12-player PvE maps All Random PvE maps Custom maps PvE Map Progression Unranked PvP, 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 on all maps Ranked PvP Modes, ELO and Matchmaking systems Daily BFP distribution Daily Quests Achievements Token system removal and overhaul Boosted gold for quicker progression New Loot Lists/Upgrade Drops (check out THIS thread) Promo cards (small chance to get in boosters) Boosters containing all cards New starter decks Staff recognisability In-game report system A half-powered Anti-Cheat system PvE and RPvE speedrun Leaderboards Features that are currently NOT in the game but will be present in future beta iterations will include:

    A fully-powered Anti-Cheat system Features that we have decided to scrap from the game due to technical limitations will include:
    Tomes and Tome Modes Element of Conversion, Creation, Concealment (We might implement different systems) We will mostly attempt to block access to features that are currently not supported by the game. However, it is forbidden to try and access these features. If we find you crashing the server through attempting to access a currently unavailable feature, your account may be suspended.
    The Unavailable features have NO SET RELEASE TIME. There is no planned date to release these features to the current game state. If we have any dates, we will keep you updated!
    Then how will I earn BFP in this Open Stress Test?
    Every day, you will get earn quests. Completing these will grant you BFP. There are also achievements that grant extra rewards like boosters or BFP. Daily quests reset daily at 10:00 UTC. 
    In the future, we will net you BFP for playtime using a soft-cap system. This is currently not in place. 
    Can you buy/sell BFP for real money?
    Absolutely not! People who are noted to sell or attempt to buy BFP or any in-game content with real money may be banned from playing the game at all, and have their accounts reset. We take no responsibility whatsoever in any lost money or in-game content. We don't sell BFP for a very good reason as this project is allowed to exist due to the fact that we are making zero profit or income from the game, which would be using someone else's ideas and content for claiming money. If you buy or sell in-game content, you are essentially doing the same thing and this could put both you as well as the entire project at risk of being shut down. Additionally, your accounts will get wiped anyway, so any money spent on the game right now is a SCAM. Play the game the way it's meant to be played, don't multiaccount and don't use your real money. Buy yourself or someone dear to you a drink instead!

    Then how will I earn Gold and Upgrades in this Open Stress Test?
    Since tokens have been removed from the game entirely, you will earn gold instead through playing Randomly Generated PvE, Sparring PvP, and disenchanting upgrades found in Campaign PvE maps. The upgrade drops have been changed, and you can find the new loot list in this topic:
    Will I keep any cards, BFP, gold, rewards, ranks, etc. that I earn during Open Stress Testing?
    Will there be account resets?
    You will NOT carry over any account progression or rewards from the game's beta stage onto its release. During the Open Stress Test, your accounts may be reset several times, resulting in a permanent loss of cards, BFP, gold, etc. Account resets can occur at any time. We will try out best to limit the amount of account resets to 1-3 times across the entire transition to Release. Once the project has finished its beta stage in full (or we state otherwise), there will be no more account resets. We can't emphasise enough that your late-night grinding sessions will not end up in the release build of Skylords Reborn, so mind that while scheduling your playtime!
    When "..."?
    I have mentioned our lack of clarity on release dates elaborately several times in the past, but here's a quote for future reference:

    What are the new Starter Decks?
    With what cards will we start?
    Compared to the old BattleForge, we have changed the starter decks around to freshen things up and provide some more variety! Everybody will start with the following two decks:

    However, that's not all! We wouldn't just force you to all start with playing Fire and Frost, so you're all going to get 5 T1 cards for Shadow, and 5 T1 cards for Nature as well:

    Bigger images:
    List of cards in alphabetical order:

    Is the game the same as the old BattleForge we know?
    Yes. The features that we implement will stick closely to what the old game was like. There will, however, be some tweaks and changes due to the free-to-play nature of this project. There will be changes in BFP pricing, daily quests, rewards, and tomes will not exist. Please look at the FAQ for more information (link at the end of this thread)
    Is this the fully released version of Skylords Reborn?
    Can you improve the base game already?
    No, this is not a fully released version of the Skylords Reborn project. Many Beta iterations may follow. Features you see and encounter are subject to change. We want to get the base game up first, and if we can make quality-of-life changes on the road, we will. The Open Stress Test is not a stage in which we only try to "improve" or change the gameplay in any way.
    Will you add new cards/maps/etc now, then?
    No. We might not at all, but if we do, it will be AFTER the Open Stress Test has been concluded.
    Oi! I found a bug! What now?
    How do I report a bug?
    Please refer to the "Report A Bug" forum, and particularly this topic:
    Can I stream/record Skylords Reborn content during the Open Stress Test?
    Since this is an exciting moment to allow more members into the game, we understand the desire to record and stream your SR games. We allow you to do this, provided that you add the that the game is currently in a Beta stage in your video or stream description. This is required in order to point out that the game is buggy and not in its final state to whoever watches your streams, protecting our project's current quality and community expectations. Note that anything you say or do on stream is considered as unofficial, stream responsibly and at your own risk. If you spread any misinformation or fake news, your account may be suspended indefinitely. Please use the word "Beta" in your video/stream title. An example of a good disclaimer is:
    You are not forced in any way to advertise the project, but we would greatly appreciate if you could also include the following line in your descriptions in order to bring more attention and support to the project, which may in turn increase the project's lifespan, community size, and eventual server population:
    So, simply put, just abide by these 3 points and you're good to go:
    Add a beta disclaimer in your video/stream title and/or description Don't spread any false information Please include the links above if you want to help the project out Will you be hiring mods now that we have an open phase up and running?
    We have successfully hired 4 new moderators, @Bucky, @Ragenarok and @armu for Discord, and @Scourge for the forums.

    What will happen to the old beta forums and discord sections?
    Bug report sections and suggestions will be merged into the public forums, and the beta forums will be archived and hidden to non-staff.
    Closed beta testing discord channels and ranks will remain open for the testing of upcoming patches.
    What will happen to closed beta testers?
    Will Open Stress Testers get a fancy name and badge?
    Closed beta testers will retain their rank badge and discord colour, but get no more permissions than regular members. Since everybody can access the game freely, members will not be assigned a badge or title. You will not receive a badge or title upon release, due to everybody having access right now. Rewards may be up for discussion in the future, but are not a given.

    KILL ME.

    The forums and Discord are English. Can I talk in my own language in-game?
    Will the Forum Rules apply in-game?
    The forum rules apply in-game, with one major exception: Rule 1.1. You don't have to talk English in-game, and we are more flexible with cursing. On the forums and Discord, you are required to talk in English to keep the community together and the topics understandable for the majority of our users, if not everyone. In-game, though, we more than understand that you talk in whatever language you're comfortable with and that's fine. However, mind that Rule 1 still applies, and that harassment, insulting, flaming, and other inappropriate behaviour can result in penalties or account suspension. Don't go out of line with this exception.

    I have seen someone cheat, flame, or severely break the rules. Where do I report this?
    The "/report" function in the in-game works. You can also report this behaviour directly to the Moderation Team (Moderators) on the forums or discord. Please refer to https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6402-introducing-modmail5460-our-new-bot-for-contacting-mods-on-discord-guide/ when reporting on discord.
    I am the victim of a bug that made me lose in-game content. Will I be refunded?
    I have abused in-game features or lost in-game content due to moderation or penalisation. Will I be refunded?
    Do not count on any of your in-game content being refunded in any testing phase. Bugs happen, and we're always working on fixing them. We don't currently have the time or see the necessity of granting any refunds for any bugs or infringements. We would rather work on fixing bugs than to spend the time we could work in to handle these refund cases when your accounts will be reset anyway. Rule infringements can result in full account resets, and we will never be refunding any data in these cases. 

    I have another question!
    But wait... there's more!
    Alright, that's cool! Before you continue, however, please read the FAQ and see if you can find your question answered over there:
    If you can't, please use the forum's search function to find any threads that may have your question in it. If your question really isn't answered yet, feel free to create a thread, or contact me or any moderation team member directly.

    We hope you are now up-to-date on what's going on in the Open Stress Test and how to get there. Please remember that this topic may be updated with new questions and answers as they arise, so be sure to check this topic again before you ask a question, just to be sure

    That's all! We hope you enjoy your time in the world of Nyn and help the game and its community grow together! As always, I'm hugely grateful for all your support, and we wouldn't be here without you all. Keep up the good spirits, you're all fantastic beings. See you in the forge, and may the forge be with you!  
    Can someone add those checksum values to the download topic please? I thought I sent them to you guys a long time ago. But either they didn't get added to it or they were lost when someone changed it.
    That will give the users the possibility to check if their downloads are fine. At least for some little more experienced users who heard the word `checksum` once in their life.

    Name: BattleForge.rar
    Size: 5307589968 Bytes (5061 MB)
    CRC32:    F3E0B49E
    CRC64:    72BCE6DDE51A926B
    MD5:      D4184425C5573B106714DBBF525DA3C5
    SHA1:     B411782EF4034310A655B9E4DD100EA057B29374
    SHA256:   E6456C335B004A1E77DD6BBCA0F27ECF22389F2DBE7A66624C5B1C4471865F26
    BLAKE2sp: 1D7624B734EB372D5F59830B38DB25A6528890BE8A7D33E5CC43E0B10914DF82
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    I strongly disagree, i think the other mentioned motives like anonymity, ranked anxiety, ELO loss prevention with new decks or fun decks played a far bigger roll. I won't deny players used to do the things you describe but your painting a far too dark picture.
    I want to repeat a point wich too many new players don't consider: The ELO and matchmaking system produces faaar more unfair matchups than all smurfs combined.
    An example where the activity system leads to such: An experienced player with emperor rank (blue shield, no dots) only has time to play on the weekend. Over the week his inactivity makes him lose quite a few ranks. When he starts playing on friday he's going to run through a bunch of gold and lower blue ranked players first, every week until he got back his full activity bonus. This activity system is totaly overcompensating imo, a player that doesn't play 3 weeks isn't going to go drop from blue ranked to bronze level skillwise but the inactivity penalty drops him to those ranks.
    The other problematic system is the matchmaking itself, wich has already been discussed a lot in other threads...if the PvP population isn't going to explode suddenly and you're from america chances are you're never going to have matches wich are completly fair.
    If the aim is completly fair matchmaking, eliminating smurfing is one step, but it's a really small one, the big bloodhorn in the room is the matchmaking/activity system.
  4. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by NedDeppat in Multiple Accounts   

    I want easy opponents,
    i want not loose ranking points when loosing,
    i want everyone to know my name

    HAHAHAHAHA cmon guys...seriously? and its battleforge fault your friends not understand the terms of a "training match"?

    i have a wish too, i want all cards from beginning because its unfair in pvp if other players pick good cards RNG before i get them
    also i should be able to destroy everyone with a single deck because otherwise its not fun for me to play

    multiple accounts used mostly to annoy new players or boost a main account through trading or pvp queue

    so a big NO , bann them all on all accounts
  5. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by Eirias in Multiple Accounts   
    Just to play devil's advocate here . . . 
    Back in the old days, it was impossible for me to try out a new deck in the sparring grounds against people at "my level." Even though I wasn't in the top 20, beginners could see my rank and would immediately kick me when I tried to join a game. For a while I was trying to learn pure frost (I literally had a deck level 20 without ice guardians) and I wanted to play around with people at a level where I could learn how to play the deck, but they would always get scared and kick me. Or if they did play me and they beat me, the would start chatting to me and telling me how I wasn't any good and I must have cheated to get my rank. Basically it was a pretty unpleasant experience and I could only spar against my higher-ranked friends, but of course they would destroy me if I tried to play a deck I fundamentally didn't understand and that didn't give me much opportunity to learn.
    As @RadicalX said, in a small community, your name becomes well known very easily. As an important moderator, will you be able to have "peace" and just play the game, or will you be constantly barraged with messages and friend requests and invitations? The same will likely go for top ranked players and prominent forum members/streamers/youtubers.
    I agree with RadicalX's solution: give each person 2-3 characters. In fact, the best solution would probably be to share all assets between those characters, so the only thing that changes is the name and ELO (this way you can't get extra bfp by multiaccounting). To get even fancier, perhaps those alternate accounts could not have an ELO at all and be prevented from entering ranked games--or if they did have ELO, the calculation of the opponent's score would be based on your highest character's ELO (this might lead to rating inflation though).
    TL;DR: Playing sparring as a recognizable player is not as easy as it sounds. I recommend allowing multiple characters that all share bfp, cards, upgrades, and quests  but are banned from ranked, so that players can test things in sparring with anonymity. 
    Or maybe you can just enable an "anonymous" mode, where your name and rank is hidden but you can't enter ranked. (but then @Anonymos will have problems )
  6. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    Hi all,
    I would like to thank you for all the  and encouragement you have given us, it has been a pleasure seeing the popularity of this open beta. Unfortunately, like Link mentioned, unforeseen bugs prevent us from keeping to the release date, and for that I am personally really sorry and seek your forgiveness. We all, and Fiki especially, have been working countless hours everyday to try to keep to this promise, but unfortunately in development, the Murphy’s Law often applies and in this case it sadly did. I hope you can find it in your hearts to support us through this, and we will come out of this stronger than  ever together as a community.
  7. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by InsaneHawk in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    I just want to add, thank you for all the recent support, this really means a lot to us, and even if we're not answering every message (which is kinda impossible now) that doesn't mean we're not reading them! We're reading every message you guys are sending us, so as we already, sorry for that, but we're all humans, and we're and will continue to do the best we can for this project, don't lose faith, the end is close ♥
  8. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    Yes, we are very sorry, we need just a bit more of your patience until we can see you in the Forge.
  9. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by Kiwi in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    I'm so sorry guys I hope you all understand and aren't too mad!
  10. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    Dearest Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings,
    I'm sure most of you have an idea what this announcement is going to be about, given the latest status on Open Beta. As you all have realised, we haven't quite made our promised release goal of week 8. This mainly has to do with PvE breaking way more badly than we expected and fixing taking a lot more time than anticipated. How much time will this take? Well, please allow me a bit more space to explain. 
    The Skylords community has grown bigger and better than ever before, for almost 3 years now. We are growing closer to the public beta release of the game, and we're growing more hyped and enthusiastic with every development update Fiki posts. This is a fantastic thing; the BattleForge community has always been my favourite community around, where everyone is relatively friendly and inviting, has fun together and creates a warm, comforting atmosphere. However, as with most hyped projects, enthusiasm can rapidly take over and make both community and developer overexcited. This is generally a great thing, except when it concerns voluntary development as is the case with Skylords Reborn. Don't get me wrong, it's great that you are all so excited about the game; it's really mostly on our side that causes issues. 
    The programming team is just as excited about this as you are, and they are working tirelessly to make Open Beta a reality as soon as possible. However, with great hype and little experiences with such projects and group communities, comes great positivity. As you may know from the past, we have always been quite generous with our milestone and deadline estimations, striving every single day to make you all as happy and enthusiastic as possible, pushing our limits to satisfy you, the community, as well as we can. In our combined enthusiasm and desire to bring back a great game to you all, we have been blind to the risks of game development, and made completion date estimates very positively; but game development doesn't work like that. Something will always break, and several things have broken and put us back, changed things up, turned our schedule around. Real life has interfered, servers have been crashed, and the programming team has generally just been looking at the development cycle way too positively and have given themselves way too little time to work with in case things wouldn't go as planned. This has created a lot of frustration on the team and we have been rushing while we shouldn't rush.
    Especially in this week of hype, the entire team has experienced the results of massive hype. Tonnes of repeated questions, lots of enthusiasm, but also lots of doubt, lots of impatience, and foremost, intense amounts of pressure on all of our shoulders. The drive and need to meet our target time got so emphasised, and the expectations were unfathomably high. And sadly I have to say that it is taking its toll on some of our team members, even outside of the programming department; we're being hit very hard, but we remain steadfast, for all of you!. We are doing our utmost best to keep you all informed, engaged, and excited about the project, and the last thing we want to do is to disappoint you; and every single time that we may have to, every single time that things go wrong and Open Beta ETA's have proven to be just a little too generous, we disappoint you. And I am certain that I can speak for the entire team if I say that it sometimes genuinely does feel like we fail you all with these hopes we work up for you and end up being forced to shatter. Please be aware that this was never our intention, and unforeseen consequences have resulted in many delays. This has driven the team to a very important and hard decision.
    We are not going to give you any exact Open Beta completion times anymore. We will be more broad in our approach, and development timeframes will be larger.
    I regret to announce that this is something that really must happen; but I truly care about you all as a community and it breaks my heart every single time we awaken hopes in you that turn out to be false, disappoint and fail you with declaring that we haven't met our terms... needless to say it hurts all of us, the SR team. We're done making unrealistic promises to you guys, and we are sick, tired, and exhausted of disappointing this amazing community over and over. You don't deserve that, and so we will broaden our estimations widely. 
    This means that any development estimated times will be longer, but also more uncertain.
    This does by no means imply that we are slowing down development. On the contrary! We are working and progressing harder than ever, as many Closed Beta testers can actively tell you. We understand you may be doubting us at this point, we understand you feel like the project isn't progressing enough, and we truly do understand you all want to play; but just short of a hundred testers can tell you that we are making massive progress every day. This project is happening right now as we speak, and those who doubted we would ever get the game online have been proven wrong, and we strive to keep proving doubters wrong as we progress daily. With this new way of announcing progression, it would mean less stress on the team, hopefully no heavy disappointment to the community, and the more exciting and enjoyable the moment is if we finish way ahead of schedule (which is now also way more likely). Hopefully this will give you all a better impression and allow for more realistic expectations.
    Game development can take a lot of time, and especially for SR, it is extremely unpredictable. Things can suddenly go wrong, or we can suddenly make huge surges of progress. The most important thing remains that we don't want to rush things. When we release Open Beta we want stable servers, and the best experience for every single one of you. Coding under pressure will only create more bugs, flaws, crashes, and mental problems for our programmers, so we are giving them the time they need. We hope that you can understand this.
    That being said, with some of the issues persisting, we will have to give Fiki and his majestic team of programmers some additional time to iron out the remaining bugs, memory leaks, and other annoyances before we allow you all in. Trust us when we say that we don't want you to get hyped, enter the servers, and have an uncomfortable experience or have the servers crash. That would be awful, and we don't want to kill off your enjoyment like that.

    ------TL;DR? Start here-------
    The programming department has stated that they will need some more time to fix these issues. Although we consider this to be able to be completed sooner rather than later, we need to take risks and possible further delays into account. If we do end up knowing when we're releasing Open Beta with absolute certainty, you bet we'll have you know when!  -- Remember, we could be done way sooner or later than expected! Check the devplatform for the most up-to-date status of the game and/or release predictions: http://dev.skylords.eu/

    Another very important note: There has been some false information that has been spread through the community on several different platforms, causing a lot of unnecessary havoc and stress for both community and staff. We would like to remind you that you can find all relevant and correct news and announcements on our official social media, but most importantly forum posts that keep you up to date. Please do not blindly trust any dates or information given to you by community members that you don't know, especially if it sounds groundbreaking or impactful; if you can't find it on the forums, it's probably not true. Remember, content written by any member with a coloured name are staff posts; official announcements made by them are to be considered as true. Confused as to who is part of the team? Follow this link for a list: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/staff/

    But there's some positive news too!
    > The launcher is coming along nicely, and has been worked on separately from the server. That means that once server work is done, we won't also have to start making the launcher from scratch, which will save a lot of time!
    > Many of you have expressed that they missed the original Booster Simulator. Now, the simulator is back in action and better than ever, integrated in our new cardbase, accurately supporting the booster ratios that will be in-game. Find it here: https://allcards.skylords.eu/booster.html
    > Additionally, we have noticed a huge amount of questions for when Open Beta starts. Trust me when I say there will be a giant thread when Open Beta is released that will explain everything to you! Please be patient with your Open Beta questions until it starts; it will all be revealed.
    > Feeling like you may have been too enthusiastic about Closed Beta giveaways? We will assure you that if you have been blacklisted on our Discord server and prevented from entering Closed Beta, your bans will be revoked and you will be given a second chance for Open Beta. Please don't break anything
    > We have upgraded the forums to handle more traffic. You should all have a way smoother experience than before; our server was running at 220% CPU capacity, ouch! We're now running more smoothly, so you should experience faster loading times and a better overall connection to this website.
    > During this upgrade, however, we almost lost the forum database because of all the problems linked to our server. We managed to save it just in time!
    > The next big announcement we will make will be the Open Beta Announcement, which we will stream on our Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn). In the meantime, it is possible that we will stream some BattleForge on the official channel to give you an idea of how everything runs while we work on getting a good Open Beta working for you.
    We would like to once again apologise for yet another delay and future vagueness on estimated times, and we would like to reassure you that it's healthier for the game's development, safety, stability, and enjoyability, as well as it is better for the health of the team, as we can take things easier on the moderation team, and allow the programmers to prioritise quality over time. We will do our utmost best to bring Open Beta to you as soon as we can, without the pains and frustrations and disappointment of further delays. We hope that you can understand and respect this decision, have the courage and determination to be patient for just a little longer, and that we may stand strong as a community, and that we may remain the most welcoming, friendly and comfortable community out there. Together we will soon reclaim the Forge and protect the lands of Nyn once again!
    Sincerely, and on behalf of the entire Skylords Reborn Team,
    MrXLink, your Community Manager

    "Wasn't there a date in here?" Yes, that is correct, and we removed it for good reason. Refer to this post for details.
  11. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by Nijel in Free Steam Game Keys   
    Hey guys, just looked at my old humblebundle account and saw some unredeemed keys form games i already have. i'll drop them here.
    Pls only take 1 Game for yourself and only if you want it, because someone else might want to get it as well.
    The Bards Tale: ETM90-B9MPA-MKG5V
    Tormentor X Punisher: MQXNA-PKWWV-HT9NB
    Wasteland: F20KC-DHKJA-TXKWT
    Cook, Serve, Delicious!: F5R0R-IPJGP-DVQ67
    INK: KEA63-F8PHF-N352L
    Uncanny Valley: 9RCAR-GTGCJ-T2WAN
    Companiy of Heroes: Q7P2Y-6T95P-XWALD
    Fish Fillets 2: 9CBMA-LR3E3-7AIX5
    OddPlanet: 6486Y-3RZQ5-KREH0
    Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY: YH4XE-PWGXY-6B330
    Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY: H24RP-DNM3R-65FV3
    Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY:RZX0D-CZPEW-JIRG3
    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin: XKJF9-FQNZL-W7XXW
    would be nice to leave a note if you redeemed a key, so others know it is taken.
    Have fun with it
  12. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by Kiwi in How to Enter Giveaways   
    Hello Skylords,
    As many of you are aware we were doing giveaways daily on our Discord #giveaway channel. Giveaways for Closed Beta Access is currently closed! It appears that some of you are confused by how to participate in these so I have decided to make this thread to help explain it.
    First of all ALL giveaways happen on Discord in the #giveaway channel or on our forums here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/66-giveaways/
    Giveaway Information
    How do I enter a giveaway?
    During our Discord giveaways you will get a notification as our bot will do an @everyone tag. The bot will already add all the possible needed emotes to the message so that you only have to click the emote which is needed. The needed emote is located under the "WHAT WE NEED" field. (see photo below)

    NOTE: If you have two or more, or one invalid emote then your vote isn't counted.
    What are the possible emotes needed?

    NOTE: These are just a few examples of some of the emotes that you may need to react with during the giveaways.
    The Participants field shows the number of Discord users currently participating in the giveaway. However, this does not mean, that all the votes are valid. Maybe there are some users who added more than one emote or the wrong emote which is not needed at the current time. (see photo below)

    Valid votes?
    The Valid votes field shows the votes which are actually valid. (see photo below)

    Valid votes are the votes of all the users who reacted to the emote which is displayed in the message. (see photo below)

    NOTE: In this example the emotions in the red square are incorrect as they are not the same emote as the "What we need". Whereas the emote in the green square matches the "What we need" emote therefore it is correct.
    What is my chance at winning the giveaway?
    You can see your calculated chance in the field Chance which is a percent. Everyone has the same chance to win the giveaway on our Discord server. (see photo below).

    Giveaways on our Forums we try to give those who are more active and contribute to the project a bit of a higher chance.
    But you can be happy... There will soon be a big update to the giveaway system where active players will have a way higher chance than inactive or AFK players. But it could still be the same chance if everyone is on standby to see if the needed emote changed. At the end of each giveaway you will be notified if you won the giveaway. (see photo below). The bot will mention you in the giveaway channel and automatically adds you to the Closed Beta Testers Discord group. You will then have access to all the needed files and discussions of the closed beta.

    The timer could be set to be visible for all (which makes no sense at the current state of the giveaway) and is currently hidden during the whole giveaway. (see photo below)

    Who can enter giveaways?
    Only Discord users who are not a member of any of the staff groups (Administrator, Community Manager, Moderator or Developer) can take part in the giveaway. Of course users who are already a Closed Beta Tester (CBT) are excluded as well.
    How long do the giveaways last?
    They last around 5-7 minutes.
    Are giveaways rigged?
    No, the giveaways are only started by staff the bot does everything else, it picks what emotions are needed and even picks the winner at random.
    Can you start a giveaway?
    This dreaded question. Staff are constantly getting asked to start giveaways even though it has been said we will do them randomly. Please have patience we are human and have other commitments. Also note if you keep annoying staff in pm or in chats we will just eventually ignore you or even black list you (which means you will be banned from all giveaways). We also require InsaneHawk's computer to be online in order to start giveaways (as the bot is ran from his computer and it is needed for the giveaways).
    Feeling salty?
    We get that not winning a giveaway is upsetting but that doesn't mean you can go around being rude to one another or even towards the staff and project. We are doing our best to make it as fair as we can for everyone. We hope you understand that.
    Didn't win this time?
    If you didn't win this time don't give up, we are doing more than one giveaway each day at random times to try and meet every time zone possible. Keep up hope it could be you next time.
    Being naughty?
    If you're caught using multiple accounts to enter giveaways, they will all automatically be blacklisted so please don't. Let's make it fair for everyone. If you keep spamming and harassing staff asking for giveaways you will automatically be blacklisted so please don't.
  13. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by BionicReaper in How to Enter Giveaways   
    Instructions unclear. Foot stuck in my mouth.
  14. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Skylords Reborn Booster Ratios   
    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skythings!
    XLink here coming with another game design update. Now, it has come to our attention that a lot of you have been wondering what your booster odds are in Skylords Reborn. That is to say, what are your chances of getting different rarities of cards? I will provide you with answers to this debate, as an official ratio has been set up. We've had many questions as to what the exact rates are, and so I'll clear things up a bit, and explain why the ratio has changed.
    The original BattleForge used a system where rare cards and ultra-rare cards are difficult to obtain. Boosters would give you 5 commons, 2 uncommons, and a rare or ultra-rare card at 16% (1/6) odds. This seems like a reasonable ratio. However, when I looked into the amount of cards in the game over the rarity given, it's noted that about 40% of all cards are Rare or Ultra Rare. This is a significant portion of all cards, that have a very low chance of being obtained.
    Since we will not be exploiting a microtransaction system to siphon your money out through booster rarities, as well as with the spirit of being able to obtain cards quicker, easier and in a more satisfying and enjoyable manner, it's been decided that we increase the chance of getting rare cards in boosters, to let that 40% flow to the players more efficiently than by 16% of a booster at a time. It'll be easier to get that shiny loot! This has been the case since closed beta, and has been tested within closed beta, which has been quite a success. Many of you have asked what the exact ratio was, and we decided to keep it under the radar a bit for testing and changing purposes, but now that we have established a solid ratio, I'm publishing your odds right here. (this has been published before, but not definitively, in a beta thread) This does not mean that these are definitive. They are close to definitive, but in case of design flaws or the odds not turning out as we would have liked them to turn out, these ratios are subject to change; especially the promo ratio.
    With these ratio changes I'm officially introducing our way of distributing promo cards; every booster will have a very small chance of granting a promo card. This way, everyone will have access to these elusive, extremely rare cards. We will also possibly use them as rewards for tournaments and official events. Seasonal promos, like Santa Claus and Easter Egg, will not be available in regular boosters.

    With that all being said, here are the general odds for the card boosters in Skylords Reborn!
    Boosters consist of 8 cards:
    1 card has a 0.5% (1/200) chance to be a Promo Card, a 19.5% (~1/5) chance of an Ultra Rare, and otherwise a Rare. 1 is a 20% (1/5) chance to be a Rare, otherwise a guaranteed Uncommon 1 is always a guaranteed Uncommon card 1 is a 25% (1/4) chance to be an Uncommon, otherwise a Common 4 are Common cards This means that every single booster will provide you with up to 1 ultra-rare at a time, up to 2 rares at a time, and up to 3 uncommons at a time. If you get an Ultra Rare or a promo, there is still a chance you will get a rare. Getting 2 rares and 2 uncommons will therefore not be a strange sight, as it would have been in the original game. Remember that the promo ratio especially may be subject to change if we deem it too high or too low of a chance.
    We hope that these new ratios will provide a quicker, more enjoyable and way more satisfying way of collecting cards, to kickstart the game more efficiently and make grinding and collecting a little more bearable, whilst sticking to the game's original mechanics.

    In the nearby future, we will discuss the possibility of different types of boosters (e.g. editions, elements) and potential odds and card pools for them, internally. Stay tuned for more information on that in said nearby future. Booster prices will be discussed in the even more distant future, when the programming team is ready for it.
    I hope to have informed you sufficiently on the new booster ratios. Be wary that this booster ratio has been calculated quite thoroughly and is pretty much definitive. Even small changes could throw the booster rarity ratios off balance; we have found these values to hit the sweet spot.
    Feel free to let me know what you think and to discuss the topic below, taking the aforementioned statement in mind.
    Stay tuned for future design updates, and may the forge be with you!
  15. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in [Important] Open Beta Delayed   
    Sorry, people
  16. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by InsaneHawk in [Important] Open Beta Delayed   
    Hello Skylords,
    So now, let's talk about what we're going to do after all you will have to wait a bit longer, and please forgive us for this delay.

    We have decided on a few things:
    Everyone will receive 2 boosters once the game will be in open beta (you'll still get them even after a potential reset) From the 1st of February and until the Open beta, we'll invite some players everyday to the closed beta, to increase the amount of players, progressively (Giveaways will happen anytime during the day, morning, afternoon, evening ..) You'll be able from now to pre-download the client, and we finally after a lot of discussion decided to give the client here on the forum ourselves. Want to pre-download it ? You can use Mediafire or MEGA to download it! (You cannot start the game right now, you'll have to wait for open beta, and the release of our launcher to make it work.)  
    INFORMATION : Giveaways for the Closed Beta will resume! These giveaways will mainly be held on Discord, but it may also happen on the forum, so keep following these two closely!
    Discord : https://discord.gg/0y3WGMGXhd5q2lXA

    With kind regards and apologies for any inconvenience caused,

    The Skylords Reborn Team
  17. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by InsaneHawk in My Improved CardBase   
    That's absolutly great! When I first saw your website I found it "ok" must nothing more, right now, it's actually pretty amazing I have to say, congratulation man!
    With your approval, we may replace our actual cardbase with yours, reach me in PM  @gnomgrol
  18. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by gnomgrol in My Improved CardBase   
    UPDATE: We made it! This is now the official cardBase. You can check it out on the usual link in the top bar of the forum.
    Or Here:
    If you want anything added or changed or have a bug to report, comment below!
    Known bugs: 
    - Some cards are sorted into the wrong place or display outdated info in the tooltip. This is because some data in the API is out of date and there is not much I can do about it.
    1.8: - You can now sort cards in a deck using the arrow keys <- and -> - Booster Simulator now has a button to share a booster 1.7: - Added a Booster Simulator (link in the top bar) - Some Visual Bugfixes Patchnotes 1.6.6: - Added a slider to adjust card size. - Moved view maps button to the top line. - Added easier implementation into existing website. Patchnotes 1.6.5: - Small GUI edits - Made sure cards with bugged API stats still get added to all filters that they provide data for. - Deck pictures now also have a "small" version Patchnotes 1.6: - Massive clean-up and GUI improvements - Added Link Bar on top of page - Decks can now be exported as pictures to link in forum posts (or anywhere else) or downloaded! - Maps can now be sorted by player count Patchnotes 1.5: - Deckbuilding is live! Hover over the INFO text to get started. - Card links are aquired by shift-clicking now. - Decks can be ex/imported. Shift-click on any card in the deck to get a link! - Some minor tweaks to improve usablity on wierd screen resolutions. Patchnotes 1.4: - You can now choose your orb order and sort by cards you could play with it! - Double clicking a card shows a permanent link to the card. - Added Button to reset all filters. Patchnotes 1.3: - Added filters for Rarity, Affinity and Edition. - Added Unit Stat filtering. - Changed all exclusive selectors to Multicheckboxes. You can now filter in much more detail. - Fixed messed up UI for smaller screens - Renamed remaining Back to Purple Patchnotes 1.2: - Added option to sort alphabetically - Upgrades are now always in the correct order - Added Maps View, which includes Minimap previews and loot tables - Renamed Color Black to Purple Patchnotes 1.1: - Greatly improved loading speed and stability. - Tooltip is now displayed next to the card, and intelligently chooses its position to be on screen. - Tooltip now contains upgrades. Effects + where they drop. - Sorting by Orbs or Energy is now exclusive of each other. Bugfixes:- Firefox scrollbar working now.  
     See you in beta.
  19. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in Card and upgrade collector tool   
    Wait a minute, there were no starting cards shadow t1 or nature t2. The ones in the screenshot are all the starting cards (F2P decks).
    BTW, these are the starting cards of the old BF, Skylords Reborn may have other starting cards...
  20. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in Card and upgrade collector tool   
    Since everybody will start in Battlefore Reborn with just the starting cards and 0 upgrades, it will probably be the easiest way to gain the majority of the upgrades by playing PvE maps. Therefore, I made a tool in excel to help collecting cards and their upgrades. The idea is that you can insert all the cards you have and the upgrades you want (optional with a priority) in the tool and it will tell you which maps you will need to play. I added card information like edition, faction, type, tier, rarety, counter, size, power, swift/flying and the lootlist so you can easily sort and filter. Note that I inserted all data manual, so please let me know if you find a mistake.
    Screenshot 1: First tab 'Cards'
    Here is how it works:
    The columns that you need to insert yourself on the tab 'Cards' are:
    -Own: the amount of that card that you own, all cards that are owned will automatically become bold text.
    -Upgrades wanted: the upgrades (U1, U2 and U3) that you want for each card, dont include upgrades that you already got. Please note that you need to use "U1" "U2" and "U3" as the tool only will detect it that way.
    -Priority: the priority of the upgrades that you want (this is optional), you can decide yourself what kind of scale you want to maintain, the tool will work as long as you only use numbers.
    -(Price): the price of the card in the AH (this is an optional column that is not used in the rest of the tool), you can decide yourself if and how you want to use this. For example you can insert the last price you bought the card for or you can keep it updated with the current price of the card or insert the average lowest buyout price.
    On the tab 'Upgrades wanted per map' it will show you the amount of card upgrades per map you filled in with U1 U2 U3 on the 'cards' tab. I made two views for this, on the top list I split up each difficulty and on the bottom list it has all maps/difficulties as a total (see screenshot 2). If you sort on priority, it will give you the total priority you assigned for all cards of which the upgrades are on that map. If you didnt use the priority column on the first tab, than you can sort it on the Upgrades so you get the maps with the most upgrades that you want. 
    I already marked all the starting cards as 'Owned' and I set some priorities as example (see screenshot 1). On the second tab you can see that Bad Harvest on standard has 10 upgrades of cards I marked with U1 in the 'Upgrades wanted' column on the first tab and those 10 upgrades have a total priority of 28 making it the highest priority. This means I should play Bad Harvest on standard first for getting the upgrades that I want. After earning the upgrades, I should of course remove the ones I got from the first tab so that the total priority is recalculated automatically. You should keep in mind that for using upgrade 2 or 3 you will need upgrade 1 of course, so I suggest you start with the standard maps.

    Screenshot 2: Second tab 'Upgrades wanted per map'
    I added some macros on the first tab (in the .xlsm file) to make searching for a card even easier and I added a couple buttons to clear the search, clear all filters and a default sorting method (by tier, faction, own) (see screenshot 1). But in case you dont want to use macros, I also added the normal .xlsx file (there is also a search option if you press the downward arrow for filtering). The file with macros has a minor bug though, when you filter on something the grey/white lines wont be alternately (different sortings works fine though). Normally I would assign the data as a table to fix this, but if I do that the macros will give errors because they reset the filters. Therefore I had to use conditional formatting based on even/odd row numbers. I will look into this later, but it is not a real problem though.
    If people find a tool like this usefull, it would be great if the Devs could make something in the distant future so you can easily extract the data of cards you own and upgrades you have from the website so you can just copy/paste it in this excel file (or even better if they could integrate this excel functions in the website).
    As a last note: the Amii edition upgrades are not possible to earn by playing PvE maps (you could only get them with tokens), it is uncertain if the Devs will change this. Also the following cards will need confirmation for U1: Twilight Creeper, Architect's Call, Northland Drake, Firesworn, Dying Breed, Cluster Explosion, Lost Converter, Revenant's Blessing, Lost Banestone, Lost Warlord, Sylvan Gate, Deathglider, Vileblood and Hatecaster. 
    Please let me know what you think about this tool and if you have ideas to improve it or if you have got any questions.
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